Spring shorts


Hi everyone ! Shorts are such a cute and comfortable piece of clothes, but I find it difficult to wear in a more formal and work appropritate way. My work space gets crazy hot in the afternoons and as the dress code isn't too strict, I am still allowed to show some bare legs. Even so, I would always try to make it a little dressier! Here are some tips and an example outfit, very much Dior inspired! 

First, chose the fabric wisely. Denim can look a little too unformal, my choice would have to be linen or softer materials that still do hold their shape. A nice structured silhouette with a belt is my go-to! Second, make sure it covers your butt when bending. A little high-waisted also makes it a little more flattering and helps avoiding the "tiny piece of clothing" effect. Last, pair it with elegant shoes rather than sandals and a nice, covering top. There you are! If you have more tips, please share them below! :)

MAJE jacket
MAJE top
OYSHO shorts
CARVEN shoes

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