Last pictures of my trip to the French Riviera! On the third day, we decided to go to Beaulieu-sur-mer and visit this amazing Greek villa, built in the early 20th by and Hellenist, based on the model of antique villas in Delos. The decor is stunning, there are lovely mosaics and what is interesting is a little modern touch, like electricity or piped water. I can totally see myself living there, at the end of a rock over the sea! Again, I decided to pick an outfit whose colors would match the scenery, safran, brick red and beige. Do you like it? :)


It's totally crazy for me, I am in the new September issue of ELLE France! It's in the Alsace pages, and along with four other Alsacian girls, we're telling you what Fall will be all about fashionnally speaking ;) If you could read it, I hope you will enjoy ;)
I also wanted to let you know how thankful I am for all your support and love, all your comments are my ray of sunshine every time I read one of them! <3

August 2014 outfits

Well, this month's article are waaay less numerous than the past 5 months! But this was really a good thing, now I have a clearer idea of what I want to do and how I should organize. I go back to university next week, and buying a new planner was kind of awkward and depressing! End of Summer makes me really sad but I also have dozens of ideas fashionnally speaking ;)


So, here is the next look I wore during my trip to French Riviera! We arrived (with my brother and my Mum) by the night train in the morning ans spent the first day relaxing in Nice, enjoying the beach and the 1900's buildings. Architecture and especially urbanism reminded me of the way Strasbourg expanded: an historical center with most houses built before 1800, then a second area with 1900 "Belle Epoque" buildings, a third area with 1920 "Art Deco" style houses and the last area having been built after 1950. It's very interesting and of course very beautiful! 

French Riviera

I'm back, after a week in the south of France with my family! I will for sure share with you many pictures of my little getaway and a few outfits I wore there. The weather was so good, warm but not suffocating, and after a long trip on the night train, I can tell you it was quite a shock waking up this morning in cloudy and foggy Strasbourg. I already miss so much the sea and the Mediterranean atmosphere, the noises, the smells, the food... So I'm sharing with you one of my beach looks, what do you think? :)