Cuisine: Salmon, feta and tapenade

It has again be a while since I've shared one of my recipes! This one is super easy, delicious and is quite an original taste. It's unusual to mix cheese and fish together but do try, it it's amazing! ;) This would make quite a nice first course for Christmas! Would you try it?

Golden details

Again a look with a fool-proof textures mix: embroideries-metal-leather. My favorite styling!
I am desperately over-the-knees boots hunting! Well, I'm still hesitating.These have been trendy fr a few seasons but I can't tell if I find it super cool and feminine or a little "too much" for me. Cuissardes have still a reputation, especially those with thin heels and pointy tip. I tried on or two pairs and I liked it but I felt like this wasn't totally my style, although I like getting out of my comfort zone! So what do you think, does Maxce in over-the-knees boots sound good to you? ;)

DIY: Boho embellished belt

I'm back with a new DIY! That wasn't exactly planned for today but as the weather has been absolutely awful this past week and as the light was so bad and dark that we couldn't shoot anything outside this week, we had to present it instead of an outfit. I do hope the sky will clear out soon and that you will like it anyways!
Now, the DIY. as you may have noticed, embroidered ribbon has become a staple ingredient in my creations, it allows me to fulfill my need of embroideries and glitter! This belt is easy to make, either with glue or a sewing machine.

Total denim

It's not very common for me to wear jeans, thus a total denim look is really something special! It's the first time I wear this style, I always had this "I'm working in a goldmine" impression when wearing it from head to toe, I loved it on others but I disliked it on myself. So I thought that accessorizing with sophisticated items would help making it more chic :)

La Mini

I hope you won't mind those tired eyes, the truth is, I am really exhausted thanks to important exams. Too much stress and lack of sleep! There are a few new things here, especially concerning my hair. I told you I was getting it dyed and cut, so as you can see it's not a drastic change, I still got some red shades and long hair but it's kind of structured now and a little bit darker, I know it's hard to tell in pictures and this grey sky doesn't make it look more obvious! Most people didn't notice anything :p 

Anyways, back to my favorite burgundy coat, paired with this super super mini skirt! I must admit it's really short, but when I ordered it at Topshop, I fell in love with the pattern but they only sold in for "petites", that is to say, not for me and my 5ft10. I still love it but I would definitely avoid it at university!