Gothic scenery

AUGUST 10, 2018

Hello ladies! How is August doing so far? Summer is passing by so fast, I can't believe my holiday's almost over... We are very soon heading to Italy! For now, we are enjoying our days in a quite empty city. We have downtown Strasbourg almost to ourselves, especially in the morning!
I was wearing for that day a combination of the two of the trends I love the most : broderie anglaise and smocks. This dress screams summer! I decided to go for my usual favorite tip to accessorize it : lots of textures with woven leather and perforated sandals. I hope you'll like the look!

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Only one

AUGUST 03, 2018

Hello everyone! I hope you're not feeling the heat wave too badly, Strasbourg is 37°C today and we're never getting used to such temperatures. I'm living in the dark of my room in air condition, even my computer seems to be suffering. I'm thinking about immigrating to Svalbard. Anyway, these are the perfect conditions to show you a very summery outfit in a very summery location!

Style tricks that make a difference

JULY 25, 2018

Style is often in the details. The little things that make an outfit interesting, put together, when each piece connects with the others in an harmonious way that match your personality. The main ideas are: make your outfit more flattering, add some dimension to it and make all the pieces stand out together! Here I my top tips to make it happen, please add yours in the comments! 

Beach dress in town

JULY 20, 2018

Hello everyone! How's summer going for you? We decided to stay home for most of the summer months, planning only a little week away. Sometimes, despite our love for travelling, spending time in our house feels soooo good. What I miss lately is boredom! To have nothing important on my mind, nothing to do or plan.. I think that feeling bored is what makes you really appreciate occupations. 
Anyway, for our time in our hometown, I still like to dress very summery and yet make it city-appropriate. I recently found the gorgeous beach dress on a pre-loved site - my latest obsession! - and was desperate to make it work in town. I wore more elegant accessories, still with a hint of boho feel: Fringed suede bag, woven flats and a silk scarf. I liked the mix of styles, I hope you'll enjoy it as well!