We got married!

Hi everyone! We are so happy to announce that we got married! Our wedding was the most magical, amazing day in our lives, everything was beyond perfect and our hearts are bursting out with joy and gratefulness. Our family and friends were so kind and really felt like one, we can't thank them enough! We also wanted to share this special time of our lives with you and tell more about it, now first with our wedding story and with more posts about our wedding venue and our wedding oufits! Our wedding video will aslo be released later on. Enjoy!

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Fringe on snow

Hello everyone! Well well, if you guys follow us on socials, you may know why we have been off for an entire month! No worries, we are back and will post a few articles in a week from now with all the details regarding our little secret!

Our fashion photography tips

Hi everyone! I do hope you're all doing well.We often get asked what camera and lenses we're using for our pictures, and I thought it would be interesting for my fellow bloggers to know some of our tips and tricks to taking pictures in the best possible way! I hope these tips may be helpful, Please feel free to add your own advice in the comments :)