La Galerie

During our stay in Paris, we definitely couldn't avoid having a little tour int the "Galeries" and "Passages". Even if these places are so touristic, it has some strange, lovely atmosphere that feels like entering another world...
By the way, I wanted to say how grateful I am to all of you ladies, following, commenting and encouraging us to blog. It means a lot to us to see that you like what we are doing here! Even after two years, we have so much fun and pleasure in trying to capture pictures of my looks but also moments and decoration on Instagram. So thank you so so much! :D

July - August 2015 outfits

There are only two weeks before I get back to university for (I hope) my last year, or at least the last year with regular exams that may affect your future student life ;) I hope you have enjoyed my Loire looks, I went a little more casual with neutral tones and practical shoes, Let me know which one you liked the most! ^^


First look from our Paris trip! We went to see the gorgeous Lanvin exhibition and took some pictures inside the colonnade, which was quite fun! These stunning espadrilles are so thick at the tip but still bendable enough so that they allowed me to play ballerina again (I've been one when I was younger), and I really like the all black and white look but with textures and prints ^^

Insta Paris

We came back from Paris last week and this was awesome! Our French capital is only 2 hours away from Strasbourg (by train), I should definitely go there more often. This place is buzzing with coolness and must-see areas. We went to visit the Galliera museum to enjoy the Lanvin retrospective which was just dreamy. I leave you with the pictures, stay tuned for all the looks to come! #teasing


Ah, Chambord... A gorgeous architecture and a maze of rooms, corridors, stairs you enjoy get lost in! This was our last visit in the Loire Valley, it was amazing! I also have a few tips on visiting Touraine and Anjou. First, having or renting a car will make things so much easier for you. touristic sites are all over the country but still quite appart from each other. Second, expect to have quite a big visits fee. In France, national museums are free for students under 26 (which is my case), but many of the sites are not national, which mean that even with a reduction, I still had to pay 4 to 6 euros, while Maxime and my Mum had to pay about 10. This is fine because we know that keeping a chateau is really expensive, but as we visited a few of them, paying for all visits can be a problem if you're on a budget. I would definitely recommend you to go to the tourist information office and ask if there is some "pass" if you're planning to visit many places, and bring your student card if you have one!