Alsacian flowers

Hello everyone! As I am not quite able to travel abroad this year, I'm very happy to rediscover my own region, Alsace. Charming timbered houses, colorful flowers, wild mountains, cooling rivers... "Such a pretty garden", once said Louis XIV when looking upon the Rhine valley!

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Blue suede bag

Hello everyone! It's been a while since my last post here. I moved to a new appartment, got a new job as a schoolteacher specialized in autism and took on a new hobby (climbing!)... all these welcomed changes in my everyday life drew me appart from social medias and blogging for a little while but I still really do enjoy sharing looks and pictures!
So here we are, a cute and easy summer outfit, wearing a white lace matching set with a beautiful pop of color. I hope you'll like it ;)


Hello everyone! I do hope you're all doing well. These are the last pictures we took from our latest trip to beautiful Bruges! I've enjoyed this little getaways so much, this pretty town museum was really fun and interesting to visit explore and learn more about. I hope you've enjoyed the pictures and outfits!