Happy 2020 everyone! I do hope this year will be interesting, joy bringing and life changing in a good way :) Back-to-school week was pretty hectic as always, but we're back to sharing our pictures from beautiful Bruges!
These were taken in the Béguinage area, a nunnery where widowed women would live as a community. The lake is very charming and we had the loveliest afternoon there, learning more about the place and enjoying some more waffles!

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La belle vie

Hello everyone! We're just back from our little getaway in Belgium... It's been three lovely days in beautiful Bruges! Lots of waffles and an interesting journey through history. The city itself became quite a open air museum but still, wandering through the pretty streets and navigating the canals was a most charming experience! We were incredibly lucky in our weather, sunny but yet very chilly.


Dressing in Strasbourg has been quite confusing these past weeks, we've had typical spring weather with rain showers, super hot afternoon and chilly mornings. Finding the perfect outfit when staying at work all day has been really hard, I even sometimes brought an other pair of shoes and tights to put on or off as the weather changed, but one of the formula that worked the best had to be this one: a summer dress with spring boots underneath an oversized trench, sometimes layered over a thick cardigan or tailor jacket. I liked the look of it, as it looks quite modern and polished! I hope you'll like it as well ^^