Blue jeans

So, I couldn't resist to the denim version of my favorite black shirt (here!), on sale for -50% at The Kooples. It was still expensive, but the fabric is so soft and I still love that embroidered piece on the front, and as I had to toss my old denim shirt, I consider that it's part of my investment in staple clothes ;) I don't mind putting a little more in basic clothes that will last at least 10 years! By the way I am looking for a good and practical black leather bag for my back-to university. I love the Antigona by Givenchy but obviously totally out of price for me! Any idea or recommendation for a bag?

La fille aux broderies

Yesterday, I was super lucky to go to the sap-thermal baths in Baden-baden, Germany. 5 hours of splashing around and enjoying saunas and bubble baths, I went home exhausted but feeling so good (and hungry!). Next time, I would love to try the massages! By the way, I am completely changing my skin care routine, mainly because I ran out of products and I wanted to try something different, as I think my skin got used to the ones I previously used. And so far, I've been pretty happy with it but I want to wait until a full month of trying before telling you about it ;)

Classic denim

A little classic never hurts! Although this was definitely not the right outfit to pick for a stroll in the heat, I really thought I would go mad. Heat drives me aggressive and kind of angry, I've no idea why. I'm not a summertime person! Actually, my home is very cool and refreshing and we don't feel the same temperature as outside, so what seems the right outfit inside turns out to be completely awful when I step out the door :p

Take me out

I am totally in need of travelling! I have spent the last year in the same region and the last three months in the same city and although I love Strasbourg, I would really like to have the pleasure of packing my stuff, go to a place I've never been, eat different food, sleep in a bed that's not mine and see alien landscapes. I have quite a lot of occupations but I fell quite bored. Instead of the work routine, I feel the holiday routine... I would like to move, discover and be amazed! Sadly, no travel planned for us this summer. So I need you to tell me, where are you going this year? :)

Petite Photographe

Here am I again with one of my trends of the season: pastel leather skirts, a romantic touch on a rock piece! I will be most likely go on with it in Fall / Winter with darker colors like burgundy, marine or green :) I think they look cool and elegant at the same time, paired with silk, lace, cashmere and embroideries!