Last week of classes and exams at university before a tiny holiday week revising for more exams... Happily enough, it will be my birthday in less than two weeks (November 2)! I am super excited like a child about it, I've made a small wishlist this year, I'd like to spare money for a piece of furniture I've been wanting for over 5 years now. This is the time to get it now that I have a new home! 

Fall just started to show around the corner with its beautiful colors on the leaves, so I couldn't resist to wear one of this season's trend, plaid cape (well mine is a bit too small). It's just a fashionable warm blanket you drape over your shoulders (as a cold-sensitive granny, yes) and that has become super cool thanks to Burberry (I would definitely need some thigh boots too). But seen the improbable temperature difference between the mild outside and the freezing cold inside of my university, fashionable or not, plaid cape is just as compulsory as coffee and antidepressants to survive a maths class.


Going black and white today! And for the very first time, wearing loafers shoes, not a casual pair, no! embellished and velvet ones ^^ This is totally alien to me, I sworn I would never get a pair because of this old stereotype coming from my grandpa bedroom slippers, but this sophisticated version got me! I must admit it's super fun and quite comfortable; it's still not easy to wear, people tend to look at you in a weird way, which I'm kind of used to now that I am this strange girl posing in outfits in front of every pretty building in town ;) And you, do you own a pair? By the way, here is my super-duper cool new black bag! Do you like it? ;)


I hope you guys enjoyed the skin care series from this week, I was very enthusiast about sharing these recipes that, I must say, changed my life ^^ I am taking exams again these two upcoming weeks, I can tell you I don't feel exactly well and comfortable in my own skin and brain right now...
Today, I am glad to introduce you to a lovely clothing and accessories brand, Danity. Affordable and cute clothes? I'm always for it! I completely fell for their rompers and jumpsuits, they're practical and very stylish, I like accessorizing them with fun or graphic belts, they are a modern and more laid back take on little black dresses, especially for more relaxed events like a diner out with friends! I also got a crush for their geometric/ethnic printed sweaters, I am right now obsessed with chunky sweaters and I would gladly get a few of Danity's! 

Let's talk skin care: Face / no more acne!

This is the last skin care article from the series! The way I take care of my face, neck and chest is a little different from the rest of my body, the skin is a bit sensitive and I've had quite a few breakouts, which are happily behind me now ;) So here is my routine with a few "rules" I must apply to avoid problems, still unsponsorised!

Let's talk skin care: Hands

Now that I told you my tips for a super soft body, time to show you what I do for my hands, with some classical tips but also an amazing discovery, still unsponsored! Nice clean hands and especially cared nails are quite important. Who would like to shake hands with someone with hard, dry skin and dirty nails? I've been told that they are a good indication of one's hygiene for job interviewers ;)  And only a few minutes are required to get princess hands!