The skirt

Sorry for the silence this week, we have both been sick in bed thanks to a heavy flu (yep, we even share diseases), but Maxime is luckier than me and was able to work again while I still have a high fever right now. Anyways, I feel terrible about not posting for an entire week and I'm still very excited about this amazing sale find, which has a little story... This skirt happened to be really overpriced and I didn't expect to find it at 50% off . Well, it had lost some beads so I went to the manager to ask if they had some more without defaults. She said this was the very last one but that she would gladly offer me a 20% discount! No hesitation, this skirt is now mine :) I am happy the lady offered this 70% off to me, I wouldn't definitely dare to ask and was about to buy it anyways, I am really embarassed with negociation in any form as I always feel so rude and disrespectful at the idea of asking a discount because of defaults (hum, that's just not in my habits), and you, do you often ask for discounts and go for price negociations? 

Faisan feathers

Here are some items of my sales haul! Well, not exactly only sales. As often, I ended up getting some full price stuff :p What would be a Maxce's haul without embroideries, right ^^? Again, this look is full of different patterns and textures, that is why I love all types of fabrics, it gives dimention and contrast to an outfit and to my opinion, gets it quite interesting :) What do you think?

All black

Tomorrow, I will be doing my second internship in a school! I am super excited and happy about that, this is always so interesting, I learn so many new things about teaching and I can finally tell what this job is really about! Today, during the March, I was very impressed and got emotional about kids showing hope. I really believe in educating, explaining about values and respect, especially when it comes to religious beliefs!
No link but this is the time to show you a new accessory I'm obsessed with: Ear accessory! It's that very small piece to attach to your ear and I know this is not new but still, I find it quite cool ;) Do you like this type of jewel?

Instagoodies #8

New recap from my latest Instagram posts. I originally planned it for yesterday, but as you may know, this wasn't the right moment. I feels like this isn't still the time for this, but stopping doing anything won't fight violence. I won't talk about this here , I think pretty much everything has already been said. I also didn't talk about it on socials, nor did I repost pictures on IG. This doesn't mean I don't care. I just can't find the way to express things and a single hashtag or picture doesn't help me to do so, I hope you understand. I do believe in acting for changes by educating and not judging. I hope all this won't be useless and that people will keep rising against ignorance, enjoying life and celebrating every moment.  


You know guys how much I like shoes ^^ I own quite a few pairs and barely boring ones! I think these must be comfortable to walk in and should keep my little feet warm but I also consider them to be fully fashion accessories! A stylish pair can make any outfit stand out and change the style completely: Think of a LBD with heels or sneakers! Of course right now with our -5°C, booties are the only option. I like ankle boots and this festive pair with shiny top from Minka Design is absolute perfection! I didn't know this brand and it's already a big crush, each and every model feels unique and sophisticated as well as cool <3