Instagoodies #9

It's been such a while since my latest Instagram recap! Well things have been really busy with my studies, but I hope you've enjoyed the latest looks! Some news, I happened to get a new hair color, actually getting back to my natural hair color as my scalp was so irritated and couldn't stand monthly dyes, I sadly had to remove the red and get back to brown... I'm kind of getting used to it now but I miss that red! You may see my new face possibly next week ;)

Tropical doll

I'm sorry for the little silence this week, I was away for the whole weekend and as I am doing an internship right now, taking pictures was not among my priorities :p Well, I wasn't away somewhere in the jungle (I was near Switzerland)! These pictures where taken in our most loved indoor garden at the botanical park in Strasbourg, which explains this very summery outfit! I dream of traveling to Brazil, Peru or Mexico, so this peaceful pocket ot exotic plants helps me wait until we may go and experiment with my Boho side :)


I've noticed that yellow is not a commonly worn color appartr from accessories, shoes and bags, I hardly every see yellow clothes in shops and I must admit that wearing it wasn't easy, so I decided to pair it with black and white to make it pop! It's quite a statement, fun and perfect for these sunny spring days! And you, would you wear yellow clothes?


Blogger's life: arriving late at an early evening party cause we wanted to shoot my outfit before the night falls :p I'm super happy to see Spring coming back! I just can't tell you how I was craving sunshine. i'm feeling euphoric and all enthusiast about things now, fashion inspiration got back and I have plenty of looks to show you guys! <3