September 2014 outfits

Already the end of September! I can't believe it, I have my first exams in two little days and I am feeling quite nervous. Well, although I wasn't able to post as often as I would have liked to, I'm pretty happy to publish a new look twice or three times a week, I am super busy with my Master teacher studies, so I apologize if you should feel like you haven't got enough from Maxce :p I am still excited about Fall fashion and of course the fashion weeks with tons of street style inspiration. In case you didn't know this site, I'd like to recommend (and I'm absolutely not sponsored to do this!) the Russian site Büro24/7 for fashion news and street style reports from FWs. once automatically translated to English ;) Hope you'll like it as much as I do, I discovered it through Miroslava Duma's instagram which I really admire, I guess she's a contributor to this site :)


Second day of of Autumn and joy of the first illness of the year :p I have been feeling quite unwell yesterday but when I got up this morning, it had worsen with fever, so I am writing this article from my bed, wrapped up in the blanket and drugged with aspirin. Bad Luck. 
Anyways, I am still feeling quite enthusiastic about my new hat, because it's perfect for Fall/Winter, super cool and easy to throw on to protect my little head with a touch of fun. I actually was thinking of doing this myself by gluing feathers to a ribbon but I was lucky enough to find this one ;) Do you like it?

Les Empreintes

I am super excited to introduce "Les Empreintes"! This wonderful jewelry brand whose concept has just amazed me offered me to try their lovely idea: I was sent this silver bracelet and a kit to personalize it with the design I liked. As Maxce means "Maxime and Cécile", me and my love and photographer, we decided to give our digital prints the shape of a heart, aside the name of our blog :). And here is the result: a cool and unique jewel, the perfect gift for Mother day, Valentine's day or just a way to say your love. The down side is the price having it graved makes it quite expensive...
The engraving was super fast and well made after we sent back the kit with the drawing and prints we had made (we had quite a lot of fun doing this ^^)! Mine is the zen silver pendant, find it here!


Last days of summer, last days of shorts (without tights)! I stumbled across these while looking for school supplies (you know what it's like, you always end up doing something that wasn't planned at all, feeling the irresistible need to visit a shop ;p) Anyways, I tried the on and really liked the contrast white bands, it would be perfect for going sailing someday... I really like sailor-inspired looks, it's fresh, cute and relaxed. Especially wearing my DIY espadrilles (see the post here!) and my cap, but if you'd like to do a bun and replace these lean back shoes with more sophisticated sandals, this would also be perfect for a weekend in town or a getaway on a bike in Amsterdam ^^


Printed clothes like this dress are really feminine pieces, but these days I like to pair these with more "rock-ish" accessories like this boyish hat and this zipper belt, I think it gives some interesting contrast in an outfit: change the accessories for some glamorous or bohemian ones and you could utterly change the feel of the outfit ;)