Blue prints

Getting all blue! This must probably be my favorite color above all! Blue is soft, elegant, stylish and very easy to pair and wear. It flatters any skin type and hair color! Moreover, it's super easy to mix different shades of blue together (not that easy with red or green). I couldn't be more happy about this gorgeous Monsoon printed skirt, chic yet effortless. You've got it, blue has my vote. Do you like it? :)

Instagoodies #6

Ah, Instagram, my glamour shot between two classes, my sweet escape from student life! I just enjoy seeing my favorite models and bloggers daily style, or appreciate a lovely sunset picture while it's eight a.m. in France... I decided not to post too much random pictures on a daily basis, mostly because I don't have much time but also because I'm pretty bad at selfies and I'm afraid not many of you would be interested in photos of my maths exercises ;) I hope you enjoy my outfits, cuisine, haul, makeup or drawing pics I post everyday! Follow @cecilejmaxce here <3


I'm on holiday! Well, almost. As I have two very important exams next week, I wouldn't exactly say that this is going to be relaxing. It's my birthday on next Sunday, so my mum and I will spend a few relaxing hours at the spa and I have planned to change my look a little bit by going to the hairstylist. I will get a darker color, more like my original chocolate brown shade but quite lighter and do some highlights. Think Olivia Wilde or Miranda Kerr ^^ We'll see what is gonna happen! 

Have you ever felt so nervous about your hair? I mean, cutting, dying or even trying some other style? It feels like completely transforming you! I actually really need a new dye. My "old" reddish shade is looking a bit dull and even has some green in it! I do hope getting back to brown will not make me look sad or even duller :p What do you think? Do you like my actual hair color or would you say a darker shade would also suit me? 


look with socks in sandals, animalprint

Socks in sandals? Well, I must agree that it doesn't bring glamorous images to mind at first, but I think it's like any other stereotype: it's made to be proven wrong! Here is my tips to avoid looking like a tourist: first, the shoes. Elegant high heels are less likely to make you look like some weirdo. Unless you are a minimalist-fan danish supermodel, flats could not be the best start.  Then, the socks: choose them as elegant as the shoes, shimmery, clean, impeccable socks will just do, or more funky prints if you like! If you're still not quite comfortable about it, choose shoes and socks from the same shade. But if you aren't shy at all, pick contrasting colors! Now, enjoy some more few days wearing your favorite summer heels :) So, would you try this? 


Last week of classes and exams at university before a tiny holiday week revising for more exams... Happily enough, it will be my birthday in less than two weeks (November 2)! I am super excited like a child about it, I've made a small wishlist this year, I'd like to spare money for a piece of furniture I've been wanting for over 5 years now. This is the time to get it now that I have a new home! 

Fall just started to show around the corner with its beautiful colors on the leaves, so I couldn't resist to wear one of this season's trend, plaid cape (well mine is a bit too small). It's just a fashionable warm blanket you drape over your shoulders (as a cold-sensitive granny, yes) and that has become super cool thanks to Burberry (I would definitely need some thigh boots too). But seen the improbable temperature difference between the mild outside and the freezing cold inside of my university, fashionable or not, plaid cape is just as compulsory as coffee and antidepressants to survive a maths class.