My skin story (and how I cleared my acne!)

Acne? What acne?! Well, this is a bad memory now :) Let me tell you a little bit more about what I looked like and how I managed to clear my skin! I hope my story will be usefull to you and that you may find solutions if you have breakouts! All that I do is natural and unsponsored ;)

Floral & Animal

Finally, the weather cleared out for only a few hours yesterday, so we rushed out to take some pictures! I wore this outfit on an evening party at the restaurant, featuring one of my favorite textures combo: leather/beads/animal print. Always works! You guys may also have noticed that I've cut 10cm from my hair, which I deeply regret... As this wasn't a real choice. They got so damaged and thin probably due to stress and the ends looked like nothing. So I took the heartbreaking decision to chop it of. I miss my long hair so much and hope to get the length back quite fast, I'm taking extra care of it!


Well, well... It has been a while since my latest post. I'm sorry about that, I've been actually suffering from a heavy blogger's disease: The complete lack of inspiration. I felt bored! Bored with my outfits, bored with my shooting locations, bored with what I saw in shops... And unlucky me, the few outfits that really interest me can't be shoot now outside in the cold. As I already said, I would rather not post than post things I'm not happy with and I had the impression that my combos were always the same.  Don't worry, I am recovering from this ;) Inspiration is coming back as the lovely spring weather! And you have you ever felt like this?

Tough and sweet

I totally love the mix of tough-looking leather pants with sweet and sophisticated tops, I think it's a combination that always works and makes an easy go-to everyday look! I'm also super happy to tell you that I just validated my semester at university, as you may know I am doing a master degree in education) Yay!