Printed clothes like this dress are really feminine pieces, but these days I like to pair these with more "rock-ish" accessories like this boyish hat and this zipper belt, I think it gives some interesting contrast in an outfit: change the accessories for some glamorous or bohemian ones and you could utterly change the feel of the outfit ;)

Couleur d'automne

My first week at university is almost done, and this Master year seems to be extremely dense from what we learned! Looots of things to know to be a teacher, I've got to be a know-it-all in so many disciplines and of course know how to build a lesson to teach and interest my students, with very specific vocabulary to get. I had no idea that there would be so much! :p 
I am happy to escape from atoms and grammar now to show you my favorite fall outfit a black and white graphic outfit with embellishment, (you know I can't do without them) made to stand out by a pop of one of the greatest fall colors: burgundy! Cool booties, printed bag and ready set go for running in the leaves!

Le Foulard

I am super happy to introduce you to my all time favorite and easy to wear accessory: scarves! I recently got a mail from a lovely reader from US asking me if silk carrés and scarves were still on trend in France: YES! A thousand time yes! But actually, I like it as much as a lovely colored thing to add a little je-ne-sais-quoi to an outfit (or even as one of the main prints for a mix-and-match effect) and as a super practical and useful must have for every season. So here are a my few favorite ways to wear it, staring this gorgeous Princesse Foulard super soft silk scarf! Make sure to check out the amazing models here as well as other cool ideas to wear and tie a scarf here :)

Caprice vintage

This is kind of a bonus post from my French Riviera trip! While visiting Nice with my Mum and brother, we discovered a tiny vintage shop in the old town, called Caprice Vintage, full of lovely treasures. We were about to go out when we spotted this stunning 50's dress. You guys know how much I am fond of this style, I think it's extremely feminine and flatters any woman's body. I tried it on just for fun and the lovely lady from the shop allowed us to take a few pictures. I wanted to share it with you, and as I didn't buy it (I would really have needed one or two extra centimeters to the bust and waist to breath comfortably and I am a little too tall :p)  It's still available! I would definitely see it as a gorgeous informal wedding dress. I am SO sad I could not get it, I loved it so so much and will most likely try to copy it and perhaps even make a DIY here ;)

DIY embellished espadrilles

Did you also watch with interest the massive espadrilles trend taking over the blogosphere this Summer? Chanel and Vuitton luxury'a take on this classical hot days and beach shoes from the Pays Basque definitely brought it back in trend. I would definitely have purchased a good pair of Vuitton's ones but I'm not sure my banker would have been happy with it. I had forgotten about my frustration until I went on the French Riviera and bumped into a small shop in old Nice, selling dozens of different colors for only 10 euros. I didn't hesitate for a second and picked this denim version, handmade please. I decided later on to customize it and make more urban appropriate. Follow the steps and get your own personal design ;)