Summer angel

MAY 25, 2018

Hello everyone! We are now planning out our summer vacations - we should be spending a few days elsewhere, and explore a little in our region - which gets me so excited! You guys know how much we love travelling, and since school year always is so hectic and busy, we can't get to do this as much as we'd love to, especially with all our current projects. As you may have noticed, we also got quite a lot more active here on the blog, we are now super organized and are able to show you posts twice per week. I do hope you like us being back on track!

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My 5 summer 2018 must-haves

MAY 23, 2018

Last year was extremely prolific when it comes to summer trends (thank you, IG!), and many are actually here to stay and pretty easy to wear. Lace blouses, wrap dresses and straw bags still are among the most-coveted items for summer, and of course classic pieces and prints (floral, stripes, dots and gingham) in pastel colors are out. In fact, I don't think there will be too much drastic changes, trends may be more in the details.
Here are these trends that I think will still be desirable for 2018, and my new must-have pieces!

8 little things I love!

MAY 18, 2018

After my "8 weird things I hate", I really had to tell you about things I love! Let's talk  about enjoying life & small pleasures :)


MAY 15, 2018

Hello! Spring is very much here, but mornings still are quite chilly. I was looking for something different than just throwing a light jacket on when leaving the house, and I utterly, absolutely, totally fell for this over sized cardigan (second hand shopping, yay!). This is such a statement piece to snuggle in, and since I found it some western vibes, I've decided to add a belt in the same style and these fun ankle boots. The overall combination of textures, patterns and volumes has to be one of my most loved do far! I do hope you'll like it :)