So, here is the next look I wore during my trip to French Riviera! We arrived (with my brother and my Mum) by the night train in the morning ans spent the first day relaxing in Nice, enjoying the beach and the 1900's buildings. Architecture and especially urbanism reminded me of the way Strasbourg expanded: an historical center with most houses built before 1800, then a second area with 1900 "Belle Epoque" buildings, a third area with 1920 "Art Deco" style houses and the last area having been built after 1950. It's very interesting and of course very beautiful! 

French Riviera

I'm back, after a week in the south of France with my family! I will for sure share with you many pictures of my little getaway and a few outfits I wore there. The weather was so good, warm but not suffocating, and after a long trip on the night train, I can tell you it was quite a shock waking up this morning in cloudy and foggy Strasbourg. I already miss so much the sea and the Mediterranean atmosphere, the noises, the smells, the food... So I'm sharing with you one of my beach looks, what do you think? :) 

Unexpected mix

Mixing animal print and romantic jacquard together? It actually happened truly unexpectedly while I was in a hurry lats week, I just grabbed that bag in which all my stuff was and I thought it was very interesting and original ;) Do you like it?
I'm leaving tomorrow for the French Riviera, I just can't wait for the sea and the sun, Strasbourg seems to live already in Fall :p Follow me on Instagram (here) for the updates during my stay! I also wanted to reassure you: This low-angle shots where I stand on that fence make me look waaay skinnier than I really am! It looks unreal and almost chocking, but don't worry about me, I am still at a completely healthy BMI (18.5) and I didn't loose any weight ;) 


You might have noticed, we've been quite relaxed about the number of publications this month! Everything is under Summer mood in the blogging community, less articles, less Instagram and Twitter news and most of all, less visitors... So we decided to slow down as well, which is quite a good thing allowing us to rest and re-focus on what we really want to do for Maxce, and as the weather has been totally awful in Alsace on our week-ends shoots, it has also been very practical! But don't worry, things should go back to a normal rhythm starting next Monday ^^

This is also the occasion for me to ask you what you would expect from us, what do you like or dislike about our blog/style, what you would like to see, why you like what we do and most of all what was your favorite post so far... Thank you for your help ;)


Turn of event! I've been moaning for the past few weeks about my boredom of not having left my homeland Alsace for over a year, now thanks to the loveliest mum ever (and not only for this!), her, my brother and I will leave for a nostalgic and relaxing trip to the French Riviera! I feel beyond happy, It wakes up tons of memories: when I was a child from my birth until 10, my little family used to spend every Summer holidays near Nice, my siblings and I used to make log books, drawing our days and gluing spices or herbs found at the local market, seashells, feathers... I've got to make one this time, I'm super duper excited to go in two weeks! Sadly my sister, dad and fiancé Maxime won't be able to join us since they've already got back to work...
By the way, I know this look is a lot more casual than what I usually wear, I hope you like it anyway ;)