Hello everyone! I do hope you're all doing well. These are the last pictures we took from our latest trip to beautiful Bruges! I've enjoyed this little getaways so much, this pretty town museum was really fun and interesting to visit explore and learn more about. I hope you've enjoyed the pictures and outfits! 

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Bruges sunset

Hi everyone! I hope all of you are doing well... These past month have really been difficult and the virus didn't help out. This is a time to refocus and perhaps also to unwind a bit... And dig out some photos ;) 


Happy 2020 everyone! I do hope this year will be interesting, joy bringing and life changing in a good way :) Back-to-school week was pretty hectic as always, but we're back to sharing our pictures from beautiful Bruges!
These were taken in the Béguinage area, a nunnery where widowed women would live as a community. The lake is very charming and we had the loveliest afternoon there, learning more about the place and enjoying some more waffles!