Sous les pavés, la plage

JULY 24, 2016 

Ah summer... I will be spending most of it in the city, in Strasbourg, Paris or Geneva. But still, I like to bring some colors and exotic touches into my urban looks! Ethnic embroideries, prints of all colors, lace are just perfect to make you feel like you're somewhere in South America or around the Mediterranean sea. Add a cocktail in a café or a walk through the cactus of the botanical garden and you can almost hear the sound of the waves!

La plage

JULY 18, 2016 

When you will be reading this post, we will be heading to Paris for a little holiday! More like a marathon of visits, meetings with various members of my family living there, it's not meant to be a resting vacation! So many things to do... And of course, we shall find the time to shoot some outfits ;)!
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I am such a water lover... lakes, rivers, sea, nothing brings me such a peaceful feeling than dipping my toes in the waves or stare at the blue! Sadly in Alsace, ocean is the only thing missing. At least, we have that beautiful lake, much appreciated by families when it gets warmer, and the perfect place to rest! I was wearing one of my most loved summer combo, a shirt with a mini skirt and some lace up sandals. I fell in love with the texture of this skirt with its fringe and the metallic thread, made a little more relaxed by this button-down with rolled up sleeves and my latest DIY, this boho seashell necklace (HERE)! And you, do you have a favorite summer uniform? ^^

DIY: trendy seashell necklace

JULY 14, 2016 

I've seen more and more of these kind of jewels with seashells! I think they are so pretty for summer, easy to pair with anything and also actually quite easy to make! I have done these pendants using shells I've brought back from holiday, which makes it a nice souvenir, but you could easily buy some with the hole already done. Follow the steps to make your own minimalist seashell necklace, and add some more details such as beads or pompoms for a more sophisticated version!

How to dress in Morocco

or any hot & conservative country!

JULY 11, 2016 

 Before leaving for Morocco last December, I was desperately looking for some inspiration on how to dress there but I had difficulties finding outfit ideas that were not either too covering but warm, or comfortable but not modest enough. And when I could find some examples, they would often feel like wearing a disguise... So when I went there, I kept in my mind this idea of observing other people's dressing, from tourist to locals, and try a few outfit formulas during our stay!
As summer holiday has begun and as I expect some of you will be going there and might also be looking for some fashion ideas, I decided to do a few drawing of looks I've tried and liked or seen back there, I hope you will find this helpful and that you'll find the inspiration you need!

Black with a splash

JULY 07, 2016 

I am right now in bed, can you believe I caught a cold in July?! Well, with only 14°C in the morning, that is not so weird :p I've never seen such a terrible summer weather, I'm a little afraid this should go on as I am going to Paris at the end of the month, for my yearly dose of museums, concept stores and Parisian vibes!
Leather, jacket, scarf... a real Autumn outfit (but still with sandals, perhaps the ones to blame for my cold!) I can tell you , this look is a complete surprise, let me explain: When I ordered this beautiful ladylike bag, the brand added some gifts like a notebook and this lovely scarf. They were not likely met to go together, the styles are SO different! A rustic printed scarf and this amazing sophisticated patchwork bag... And as I opened the parcel and saw them together, I found it a so fun and unique mix and this is what I like to happen in fashion: unexpected matches! As always, I completed the outfit with different textures of black to remind the bag's design, which is my trick to make an all black outfit less boring!
You may also have noticed my quite voluminous hair! If you've read my previous post "Irresistible hair" where I told you about using clip hair extensions by Irresistible me to compensate my very thin hair, well, I got really obsessed with them and the crazy volume they give me!

Brown and black

JUNE 27, 2016 

how to wear brown and black together

You may have heard the news: i'm finally a teacher! I got the result for the competitive exam a few days ago, and even if I'm still not completely realizing I made it, I'm happy the waiting is all over,! Now I can finally get some rest and hopefully less stress for a few weeks, as you can tell my face started to bare the signs of lack of sleep and all that anxiety... Although I will have to work a lot on my master thesis, I'm planning to take some me-time, not worrying too much about next year! I'm also happy to say that we will get back on our regular article posting rhythm, prepare for a massive summer inspiration! ^^
Now on to the look: Mixing black and brown has been a huge no-no for years to me, as many people I just felt these to colors couldn't get along! Until I decided to give it a try, but not with your average brown pieces, and in quite a special way, so here are my tips to make these two colors the best fashion friends! I think that a brown with colder tones tends not to look very nice with black, so I liked this camel shade with almost some red in it instead. The idea is to give some contrast to the  two colors, and balancing the cold tones makes it already less weird! As always, I wanted to ad some texture in my outfit to enhance the contrast: suede versus crepe, lace and rope. The final touch, a third piece with a completely different color and even more texture: this lovely gray embroidered bag. What do you guys think, would you also pair brown and black together? ^^

Irresistible hair

JUNE 23, 2016 

As you girls may know, my hair has been quite an issue for me. Lots of stressful events, bad sleep and overall tension has had negative impact on them these past two years, causing an effluvium telogen and an eczema on my scalp. I had them long down to under my chest but had to stop dying them red and cut them a lot. I often miss it, although I still have some long but super thin hair! I'm taking good care of it with soft products, such as nettle water and masks and apple cider vinegar. I had already considered getting hair extensions but I was afraid of the permanent kind, very expensive but also with a reputation of damaging the hair (well, what's left of it).