Well, well... It has been a while since my latest post. I'm sorry about that, I've been actually suffering from a heavy blogger's disease: The complete lack of inspiration. I felt bored! Bored with my outfits, bored with my shooting locations, bored with what I saw in shops... And unlucky me, the few outfits that really interest me can't be shoot now outside in the cold. As I already said, I would rather not post than post things I'm not happy with and I had the impression that my combos were always the same.  Don't worry, I am recovering from this ;) Inspiration is coming back as the lovely spring weather! And you have you ever felt like this?

Tough and sweet

I totally love the mix of tough-looking leather pants with sweet and sophisticated tops, I think it's a combination that always works and makes an easy go-to everyday look! I'm also super happy to tell you that I just validated my semester at university, as you may know I am doing a master degree in education) Yay! 

Frozen tree nail art

We're back! As mentionned in the last post, we've been through some personal issues concerning my too busy studies and life plan, which left me quite exhausted, I felt like taking some time off to replan all of my projects, and as all seems simpler now, Maxime and I are ready to get back on posting looks and beauty! I really appreciated all of your support, thank you! <3 Now on to the nail art, this is the second time I attempt to do it (check out the previous one here!). This is directly inspired from the lovely glittery freeze on the trees and grass in the cold mornings! I hope you will like it, please share it if you do! <3

January 2015 outfits

My 2015 horoscope told me that this would be quite a busy and surprising year... well I think I'm gonna give it some credit. Let's start with the signature of important papers (yay!), a heavy flu for a week (not that cool), which came back last weekend (totally annoying). I won't tell you all about my issues, but these past days have been all about thinking life, career and studies... I've decided to change my plans regarding my studies. I was about to graduate from 4th year at university and at the same time prepare the difficult teacher exam, but I now must postpone the exam to next year. This is not something easy because it delays my begins in adult's world, but has is happens, I have undergone so much activities, and have to much to deal with at the same time, which makes it impossible to deal with it all properly, so I would rather take my time to be well-prepared for that teacher's and really invest only in that 4th year graduation, which is going quite well for me. I think I was hoping to deal with all of it but I just can't and my body is starting to show serious signs of it. Hum I know I rarely speak here of personal details and studies difficulties but I'm not only a girlie in pretty clothes but a real woman as well ;) As for this blog Maxce, I would like to keep it going, it makes me happier ^^ I now leave you with this reecapitulation, which look did you like the most?