Beach dress in town

Hello everyone! How's summer going for you? We decided to stay home for most of the summer months, planning only a little week away. Sometimes, despite our love for travelling, spending time in our house feels soooo good. What I miss lately is boredom! To have nothing important on my mind, nothing to do or plan.. I think that feeling bored is what makes you really appreciate occupations. 
Anyway, for our time in our hometown, I still like to dress very summery and yet make it city-appropriate. I recently found the gorgeous beach dress on a pre-loved site - my latest obsession! - and was desperate to make it work in town. I wore more elegant accessories, still with a hint of boho feel: Fringed suede bag, woven flats and a silk scarf. I liked the mix of styles, I hope you'll enjoy it as well!

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JULY 13, 2018

Hello everyone! I can't believe half of July has already gone. Please make it get slower! I am enjoying a little rest at home, since the end of school year has been pretty crazy (hey colleagues issues!) I'm happy to be on holiday, I can tell you! Anyway, I'm also so happy to be able to focus on the blog and to see my friends. I like to call myself a "social zombie", getting back to life as school year ends! We are also planning a little vacation, I'm so excited! 
What screams more "Parisienne" that a striped top? Quite cliché, yet we could easily see why it's such a staple: cool, easy to pair with anything, versatile... Although, to make it a little more interesting, I tend to like those with a little twist and more details. This one has some gorgeous lacy embroideries and a rope closure that enhances the sailor style. I've paired it with this soft leather skirt with large pleats and these rope sandals - reminding of the top's. A little green bag for a touch of color, and here we are, a casual Parisienne outfit with a  little twist!

Miso eggplants with goatcheese toast

JUNE 26, 2018

Hello everyone! I'm happy to show you a new recipe. It's been quite a while, but cooking creations have not quite been my priority lately. When one's short on time, one tends to eat the same easy, approved and quick to prepare meals! Anyway, I recently got obsessed with Japanese miso, this fermented soybeans paste that is so versatile, diluted in soups to replace dehydrated stocks, coating vegetables, mixed in sauces... I recently tried a famous grilled eggplant with miso recipe and found it so delicious and interesting that I wanted to give it a bit of a western twist, associating it in a kind of fusion combination and in quite a fun form, so here it is: miso eggplants with goatcheese and lentil sprouts on a toast! I thin the goat cheese and butter balances quite well the saltiness of miso and that the onion rings and sprouts add some freshness to the toast. I'm quite proud of my creation, approved by a husband with high standards ^^. I do hope you'll like and try this creation, let me know if you do!

A week end in Colmar

JUNE 21, 2018

Hello everyone! I'm sorry we skipped last week's posts, but things have been pretty busy lately and I just had to focus on job matters, and believe me, I would rather have had more time for blogging than staying hours at school. Anyway, here is our "week-end in Colmar" post! Such a pretty city, best described with the word "charming". We spend two days looking for the loveliest shop signs and stuffing our stomachs with bretzels. I was actually born in Colmar, but my familly moved to Strasbourg when I was 4. I rarely visit there, but I most definitely should! Have you ever been to Colmar?