Cat eyes

Finding the perfect sunglasses can be such a tough job, I usually can wear so many different types of hats, they would most likely suit me, but when it comes to glasses... it's in general just awful, I have no idea why! I had just one pair which used to belong to my mum, but they broke and I couldn't find the perfect "cat eyes". They were definitely the shape that suited me the most, but the ones I tried were often too big! I finally stumbled upon these (when I was supposed to buy only nailpolish remover) and I will keep them on my nose for the rest of Summer <3


I'm on holiday! (Yep. Free time until September!) And as a very conscious student, I waited until now to fall ill. I've been sick in bed for the past two days, which is why this post has been delayed, I'm sorry about that!
Anyway, I'm feeling a little better tonight and I hope to get back on my feet tomorrow, I feel so frustrated as I have so much so much projects going on, such as shootings, drawing a new banner for the blog and even trying again to film a tutorial (I didn't promise anything!) on my body/ facial/ makeup routines... I'm still quite nervous about it, I still don't know if I should film in French or in English (with a strong froggy accent)... Any advice? ;)

New story to write

Two days left until the end of this year at university! I feel almost relieved, but also quite sad as my classmates were really awesome, I had so much fun but I know there is little chance to find them in my new university next year, which is such a shame... Time to keep things going and focus to what comes next! ;)

Instagoodies #3

Last week at university and very busy weekend, learning and working on these lessons I will very soon get rid of! I wanted to do a little Instagram pictures article here on the blog, as some of you have been complaining that they didn't have it, I hope you'll enjoy! ;)

My style look back

I recently went through the past fashion article on this blog to the last 4 months, and I realized how the quickly get forgotten about... It made me quite sad, considering all the work and love Maxime and I put in each photo series, and I will so soon be in the past when new article are released (already 125 fashion posts on Maxce, I can't belive it went so fast!). Sometime I come across an old one and remember how much fun/problems we had with the photoshooting! So it gave me the idea to make this recapitulation of my past favorite looks, and tell you by the way how much I love reading your lovely comments! <3


Only two weeks left until the end of the year at university! Yes it sounds crazy that we should graduate that early, but I can tell you that I am super happy to finish "school" and get on to the next level in my studies, that is to say the "learn how to teach" part! I am also glad to have more time to blog and take care of my home, see more people, but with the final exams coming up this week and the following one, I'm afraid I will have to make mots of efforts to keep everything going! I hope it's going to be fine ;)