Red superposition

Hi everyone! I hope you're all doing well. I must first thank you for your comments and reactions to my latest analysis article regarding blogging. It's so important to me that we could share our thoughts on this subject, as it has been troubling me quite a lot recently - although what I am most concerned of should definitely be my master thesis. The title is (in case you're wondering what I am studying) : Support and develop the understanding of abstract notions in mathematics for allophone kindergarten students. And there's still so much I need to write before the end of the month!

Analysis: Are blogs dead?

( But not for the reason you would think of first) 

Hi ladies, today I wanted to write something a bit different. As you may have noticed, I am barely expressing what I deeply think here, mostly because I feel that the blog should be a pocket of art and inspiration, sharing, something fun and positive to escape from everyday life.
But that's just the point: Recently, I happened to notice that "blogging" does not refer to the same thing as it used to, that is to say the "pocket of inspiration and casual sharing". The idea here will here to analyse why blogs in general are struggling and why it is even worse for those who are still "small".


MAY 11, 2017

Hello! J'espère que vous allez toutes très bien. En ce moment, je travaille comme une dingue sur mon mémoire de master... je le rends dans 3 semaines, donc la rédaction doit avancer! J'essaie tout de même de continuer à ménager un peu de temps pour les plaisirs et la photo, autant devant que derrière l'objectif :)
Et quoi de mieux que les premiers rayons de soleil sur la cathédrale de Strasbourg le matin pour photographier ce qui est probablement ma tenue préférée du printemps: un jeu de sublimes imprimés fleuris, avec un effet intéressant entre le fond noir et le fond rose pâle (j'adore le rendu!), le tout réveillé par une ceinture bordeaux  pour harmoniser l'ensemble et ce magnifique sac en bois à franges pour une touche bohème moderne. J'espère que vous aimerez! <3

Easy DIY : trendy embroidery top

MAI 08, 2017

Bonjour à toutes! J'ai enfin pu de nouveau faire un petit DIY pour le printemps :) Je voulais redonner un peu d'intérêt à certains vieux tops basiques que j'avais dans mon placard, et une des façons les plus simple de s'y prendre est d'adopter une des récentes tendances pour laquelle j'ai littéralement fondu: les détails brodés. Mais au lieu d'acheter un énième t-shirt, j'ai préféré transformer ceux que j'avais déjà. Et ça c'est révélé remarquablement facile en plus d'être super joli! Suivez le guide et partager si cela vous a plu! :)


MAI 04, 2017

Hello girls! Well, I have some pretty good news: my class inspection has gone well, and although my boss couldn't really tell me his decision, he was really positive in his remarks and everything he said could be understood as a really good sign. I'm exhausted but feeling quite relieved!
Now on to the outfit: I am usually not a pants girl, I'm more naturally going for dresses or skirts, that I find a lot more elegant. But recently, I felt like upgrading my casual jeans, pairing it with luxurious materials such as silk and delicate embroideries, plus this perfect studded leather belt. Once again, I think that combining textures can really change the feel of a super basic fabric such as denim and make it really sophisticated but still with that cool denim vibe! I hope you will like it, sound off in the comments if you do <3

April daily looks

APRIL 30, 2017

Hi ladies! I hope you all had a wonderful month! As you may know, I recently started to take pictures of my daily looks and show them through Instagram stories. On the blog, Maxime and I used to take photographs and share only my looks that we felt were worth sharing, the ones that had to our opinion something interesting and inspiring, an uncommon association of textures or colors, a unique shape, because as personal style/inspirational bloggers, we believe that you don't need inspiration from us to associate a pair of jeans with a basic top, but now, we thought it would also be interesting to show you also my classic/casual outfits, to show you what my personal style looks like when under constraints. The ones I pull out of the closet when in a hurry, the ones I wear as a teacher (no super high heels nor mini skirts!), the ones I wear when just going grocery shopping... So, here are the details of April's everyday looks!  Let us know if you like to see these more simple outfits as well!

Floral field

APRIL 27, 2017

So good to see Spring again! I can't tell you how nice it has been to enjoy a little day out among trees in blooms. I am currently preparing my class inspection, the last step (well, almost, there's also a university diploma to get :p) towards becoming a "real" teacher. I have been teaching alone part time as an intern since September, and this inspection should hopefully make me a full time certified teacher. It has been such a long journey since high school: This is my 6th and last year at university, I had to get through the master degree and the competitive exam, and the first months have not been easy, learning how to prepare classes and interesting projects for my pupils, working on weekends and holidays, but it's all worth it!
Now on to the look: I've been dying to try this khaki-lace-silver combination! Such soft colors and great textures worn together. I also wanted to wear this party-esque bag at day: I recently really liked the idea of wearing pieces that are usually designed for special occasions in a more casual and informal way. I hope you like the result, stay tuned for more spring looks to come! :)