La Ruelle

JANUARY 29, 2016

What we liked a lot about Marrakech was walking on the tiny streets - a real labyrinthe - and admire the beautiful wooden doors that hide these famous riads behind the ocre walls... Before going on a hunt for a handira (a wedding blanket, the perfect souvernir for a couple on holiday, right?).
It was also the perfect scenery to wear my Fuscra Aztec bag, but this time with a maxi dress that was really comfortable for that day. I was feeling kind of boho, especially with the gorgeous metallic fringing of the bag! 

Fuscra in Marrakech

JANUARY 25, 2016

I am so happy and honored to show you these special pictures from our trip to Marrakech, presenting the wonderful new bag "Aztec Marrakech" by Fuscra, the eco  Italian brand created by the lovely Morena. Do you rembember this absolutely gorgeous wooden bag (here) I styled two different ways? This aztec design got me totally obsessed, the wood texture, the contrast with the cheerful metal fringing and the volumes on the front design, it's everything I love! As this is quite minimal yet very sophisticated, I will also style this bag two ways to make both sides stand out. This time, I've paired it with this white tweed dress that also has little fringing, booties and a khaki military jacket. I hope you will like it! Stay tuned for the next look ;)

Bahia & Mellah

JANUARY 17, 2016

On our first day in Marrakech, we actually were so tired that we only went to the Jardin Majorelle and then explored around our hotel, that was near the Bahia palace. This place really is enchanting, we were overwhelmed by its beauty! Gorgeous wooden painted ceilings and doors, mosaics, sculptures, gardens... We just couldn't get out! Next, we went to the Mellah, the jewish area of the city to see the beautiful synagogue and learn more about its history. 

Now a little word about my outfit. For the pictures, I had taken off my long trench that went down to my knees to look more appropriate on the streets. Before leaving to Morocco, I was not quite sure how to dress. Lucky us, it was 25°C so we were quite comfortable! I didn't want to dress too short and I didn't know how people would dress there. I've actually seen many tourists wearing skirts and shorts and seemed to be fine. Local women would rather wear long skirts, pants or leggings with a tunic over it, so I guess this is more a personal choice. After that first day in this outfit, I haven't been bothered at all and people didn't seem to care about my bare calves, although I would definitely not have gone out without my trench ;)

Insta Marrakech & Essaouira

JANUARY 12, 2016

I'm finally doing this little IG recap from Morocco! Since we got back from there, I had to go straight bak to work for university with exams to revise and my Master thesis project to write, plus a few other kind "gifts" my teachers gave us for the holidays... pfuh! Anyway, we LOVED this place! It definitely is a must-see! Our hostel (a riad in old medina with the nicest staff ever!) was perfect, we are thrilled about this trip!