JUNE 08, 2018

Hello everyone! I am so happy to finally share these pictures we took in Colmar, one of the nicest Alsatian cities. I was actually born there, but rarely get to spend some time back on its lovely streets. This weekend reminded me that despite my love for wild and exotic destinations, I shouldn't forget to appreciate the beauty of my own region. So, let me take you with me through this colorful place and stay tune for our tips for making the most out of your holiday there, that should be released next week!

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May 2018 outfits

JUNE 03, 2018

Hello girls!  Well, I can't believe there's only one month left before summer holidays, and yet there are also so many things that need to be done. First, I still don't know where I'll be teaching next year. That is one frustrating things in the French system : new teachers usually have 1 to 5 years of wander before settling in a school. We change every year, staying in the same city but not at the same school. I will hopefully get to know my assignment by the end of June. 
I do hope you guys liked my mid-season outfits! I must say I am quite proud that I was able to post a lot more and share these with you here and on IG. By the way, did you know that I share (almost) all my everyday work outfit on IG stories? Please let me know which post you liked the most! 

My blogger anecdotes !

MAY 29, 2018

Hi everyone! I recently went through all of my old pictures, and I had quite a fun time remembering joyful behind-the-scenes anecdotes. You guys mostly get to see the result of it, but we don't always tell to you the true story behind a photo. So, I thought this would be quite a fun thing to do and tell you all about our funniest, weirdest, most dangerous, painful stories while taking pictures, or what happened afterwards. If you also are a blogger, feel free to do your own blogger's anecdotes tag and let us know your fun stories!

Summer angel

MAY 25, 2018

Hello everyone! We are now planning out our summer vacations - we should be spending a few days elsewhere, and explore a little in our region - which gets me so excited! You guys know how much we love travelling, and since school year always is so hectic and busy, we can't get to do this as much as we'd love to, especially with all our current projects. As you may have noticed, we also got quite a lot more active here on the blog, we are now super organized and are able to show you posts twice per week. I do hope you like us being back on track!