Winter flower


Yay I'm on holidays! I am so looking forward to Christmas, being finally able to really get in the mood.  I recently went to a wedding that had to be postponed to wintertime due to the pandemic. The dress I had originally planned to wear was definitely not suitable to such low temperatures, but I wanted to wear it all the same. I decided to accessorise it in a winter style that would still fit the wedding theme and colors!

I added some invisible tights, sneakeds instead of sandals, and an elegant winter coat, still wearing my bridesmaids flower bracelet!

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Cathedral lights

Only one week to go before Christmas holidays! I can tell you, I've been longing for these so much... And I do miss traveling quite a bit. Restaurants in Strasbourg are still closed and social life has been limited to worktime for me, which is starting to get on my nerves sometimes.
At least, we are lucky enough in Strasbourg to have some beautiful places to see and the joyful Christmas spirit easying it all! 
I was wearing for the chilly but sunny morning the most beautiful, sculptural bag ever. I do love the modern vibe of the chain! What do you guys think?

Dark florals


Hi everyone! I am sooo waiting for Christmas holidays... work has been quite intense lately and I've barely been able to get into Christmas spirit, to decorate my house and bake some more cookies. 

I have been living in maxi dresses all summertime long, and still love the chillier days version in dark florals. I used to stay away from these long dresses, as I felt that they elongated my already really tall figure and tried to avoid comments calling me a giraffe back then. But now, I do think it makes the prettiest effect on me :)