Wedding season hair

Wedding season has started! This means our yearly dose of romanticism and delicious petits-fours, but also probably one of the most asked question of all fashion times: what should we wear on someone's wedding day?! Okay, I must admit I'm no specialist and I have still no idea what dress I will pic for next Saturday's wedding we are to attend. But at least I know how I will do my hair! I was sent this gorgeous head piece by Blondie, she's such an adorable person and her hair accessories are really something. I decided to wear the headband in a very classic way, then do a low and side ponytail and hide the elastic with a hair strand. That's it! I am totally loving how the piece gives interest and glamour to the hair. Scroll down to see the other headpieces I like! I'm obsessed with the golden leaf pin, it's stunning!

That hat

You guys know how much I love hats, so when I got this one in sight, I could obviously not resist such a huge, gorgeous floppy one! As you may also know, sun and my skin are not in very good terms (hey eczema) so this is also a life saver when I'm enjoying some time outside! In case you're wondering, this picture was taken on the Rhine, right in between Strasbourg and Germany!

The easy way

An easy spring look: white dress, jacquard jacket, sandals and statement bag! I like to find equations like these, it makes it so much easier when I'm in a hurry to get outside! I'm having exams these weeks, so this is ideal ^^

Instagoodies #10

I'm a month away from summer holiday (yep. nice to be in a French university). I wanted to thank you all of you so much for your amazing support! In my last post, my brother Mathias and I presenting lovely Célio bow-ties asked for some help in an Instagram contest. Well, we reached a number of likes that was unexpected so that we're still in the run for the first price! Thank you again, you guys are amazing! <3