One of the things I love the most about my hometown Strasbourg is the nature everywhere. The whole city is planted with gorgeous trees with seasonal features. Blooming magnolias, plum trees, cherry trees in spring, fragrant trees in summer and red maple trees or yellow ginkos in autumn. The vibe changes throughout seasons and makes me excited for each time of the year!

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Hello everyone! A few pictures from my visit at the parisian paleontology gallery, a gorgeous building located in the Jardin des Plantes filled with stunning dinosaurs skeletons and fossils. One of the most interesting places to see in Paris, and yet not very crowded as so many other museums. A perfect place to visit in autumn as well! 

70's print


This 70's paisley print dress is such a show-stopper! I couldn't resist this drapé effect and this soft fabric. Such a fun yet quite sophisticated dress for springtime!