Autumn uniform


Hello everyone! I do hope you're all doing well. France is once again under lockdown... However, schools remaining open keep me very busy! I haven't done a personal update in such a long time... I have moved homes, and got a new job in an other school for children with autism. While being very interesting and challenging, this job also is quite demanding. 

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A day in Annecy


Hello everyone! A few pictures from my last week-end in picturesque Annecy. It's always such a pleasure to walk these pretty streets along the river and have a summer mushroom fondue at l'Alpin or a delicious salted caramel icecream - by far my favorite one!

Alsacian flowers

Hello everyone! As I am not quite able to travel abroad this year, I'm very happy to rediscover my own region, Alsace. Charming timbered houses, colorful flowers, wild mountains, cooling rivers... "Such a pretty garden", once said Louis XIV when looking upon the Rhine valley!