Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well. I am on summer holidays! It took me quite a long time to actually unwind and switch to holidays mood. The weather in Alsace has been awful - well, at least for one we don't have to worry about heatwaves and lack of water starting in june. 

I really do enjoy my hometown Strasbourg these days, exploring around, looking for new amazing sights. What I like the most here is the beautiful blend of various architectures dating from different timeperiods. 

I was wearing for that day a breezy ensemble with tan leather accessories. One good tip on pairing tops and bottoms in a similar style : choose the same color and fabric, this will definitely look lke they were ment to be worn together! I am quite into woven everything right now, and these sandals and bag echoe one another with their braided details, an other way to look a little more put together!

BA&SH top
MAJE & LOUYETU necklaces
BOBBIES sandals

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