Rainy spring

Hello everyone! We're finally seeing the end of weird semi-quarantine here in France. Terrasses and cinemas are opened and we only have a few weeks to wait before all bars, restaurants and gym clubs get to have their happy customers in. The only missing thing would be a nicer weather : it's been raining on and off every . single . day for at least two weeks, with a mild 15°C temperature. At least, nature is filling up its tanks for our hot alsacian summer. 

My flowy summery dresses have to wait in my closed for more induldging weather days, but I still try to get them out with higher boots and longer coats to make them more rain appropriate. And you, what's your favorites tips and tricks to wear dresses when it's pouring?

H&M coat
BA&SH boots
LOUYETU necklace
ALIX D. REYNIS necklace (here)

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