Ces colonnes...

AUGUST 30, 2016 

I can't believe I'm only posting my Paris looks now! I have quite a few of them to show you, but summer has gone so quickly... It has been a week now that I got back to university to prepare back-to-school days as a teacher, and I can tell you how stressful it is to handle 30 pupils who would rather still be on holiday! No panic please ><
It's me who would rather be enjoying the delights of this beautiful city! The Palais Royal and the district that surrounds it it one of my favorite places there. I was wearing a quite simple outfit with a little black dress, a beautiful lady bag and sandals. But what sandals! I observed that I kind of like statement shoes (and bags!): I like them to have a defined structure, a special texture, sometimes embellishments or a special color like here, the perfect detail to energize a casual look! What do you think ? ^^


AUGUST 25, 2016 

I want first to thank you a lot for your useful & thoughtful comments on my latest outfit post! (If you haven't read the questions I asked you, it's HERE!) It is so very important to us to know what you think of our blog so we may improve and make this little blog that give us such pleasure also pleases you! We are very happy that you like what we do and we have taken notes of your critics, we will do our best follow your advice. THANK YOU! <3

Calamari pasta

AUGUST 23, 2016 

I know many of you don't like calamari because of its reputation of being a little rubbery and hard to chew, but let me give you some helpful tips to enjoy this delicious seafood! This is a very easy dish to cook, absolutely delicious and quite cheap, plus it's perfect for this end of summer!

By the harbor

AUGUST 21, 2016 

Off- shoulders dresses... I believe this is one of my favorite trend from this past few years! Very flattering, feminine and above all really pretty and comfortable for hot summer days, I immediately fell for it! No need to over-accessorize, a cute textured pouch, my favorite espadrilles and statement bracelets, that's all it requires to shine under the sun ;)


AUGUST 18, 2016 

When we came back from the Alps, my Mum and I stopped in Geneva on the way, to discover a city I had never been to! It's a pretty, peaceful city and we had a lot of fun wandering in the old town before heading to the lake for a delicious meal and see the famous water jet, and of course take a few pictures of my look (Thanks to my wonderful and talented Mum!) I decided to go black and white, mixing the prints of my espadrilles with the embroidered bag and top and matching this gorgeous necklace I brought back from Morocco. As always, I think that texture is the best way to give interest to a monochrome outfit. I feel that this look has some kind of 90's or retro vibes due to this necklace by the way! What do you think? :)


AUGUST 15, 2016 

Back in Strasbourg where we are enjoying our last days of holidays before getting back to work and prepare these back-to-school days, but this time as the teacher ;) But now, here are some pictures my Mum took from me when I was in Annecy with her. Such a lovely little town! The lake is amazing and the whole place looks like a postcard. We had the most amazing meal before wandering around the streets and famous bridges. I was wearing this lovely wrap skirt which is just perfect for hot summer days! 

My beach essentials

AUGUST 09, 2016 

Since I got back home in Strasbourg some days ago, I was stroke by how empty the city is... There are only a few tourists around but everything seems asleep! This just makes me want to go again somewhere else, although I love my hometown. My travel bucket list is sooo long! And first I'd love to see the ocean again. As you guys may know, beach is probably one of my favorite places on earth. And as some of you might be lucky enough to be able to dip their toes in the waves, I thought I could share some of my beach essentials for some inspiration! 

Mountain bliss

AUGUST 07, 2016 

I am right now on the road coming back home in Strasbourg after a few days in the French Alps near Annecy. I was there with my Mum to look after my young cousins and their adorable kitten, but also to discover a region I don't know much about. And I was enchanted! the landscapes are to die for, and the food... well, I couldn't express how delicious it was! I can't wait to come back in winter and see the glorious mountains covered in snow. But now, I was happy to enjoy these beautiful flowers and lazy about in the fields among bees and butterflies! I was wearing one of my favorite swimsuit and this amazing, fun embroidered Desigual bag. Colorful to match the flowers! I feel so relaxed after this week <3

Paris à l'orientale

AUGUST 04, 2016 

Since our trip to Morocco last December, I have been obsessed with Moorish and oriental architecture. Such delicate, sophisticated and peaceful places with their mosaics and gardens where the sound of water and birds makes you feel like in heaven! When we heard about the Grande Mosquée de Paris, we couldn't resist the pleasure of seeing such beauty again. And we were thrilled by our visit, which was also very interesting! For this occasion, I had to wear something longer and less form-hugging, this ocher wrap dress was the perfect choice! Just adding my favorite pair of espadrilles, some casual jewels and this stunning leather weaved bag, we were ready for our moment of bliss!