My beach essentials

AUGUST 09, 2016 

Since I got back home in Strasbourg some days ago, I was stroke by how empty the city is... There are only a few tourists around but everything seems asleep! This just makes me want to go again somewhere else, although I love my hometown. My travel bucket list is sooo long! And first I'd love to see the ocean again. As you guys may know, beach is probably one of my favorite places on earth. And as some of you might be lucky enough to be able to dip their toes in the waves, I thought I could share some of my beach essentials for some inspiration! 

As a cover-up, I like something simple: a wide shirt with a skirt or a playsuit like this palm tree printed one from H&M. For my face, I usually go for lightweight formulas that still give me lot of moisture without leaving my face all greasy. The "Anti soif" line by Clarins are just perfect for it! I also don't like covering my skin in makeup so I definitely skip foundation or BB cream. Just some matifying Clinique powder will do! I like always having some good hand cream with me and one of my favorites has to be this l'Occitane mini one. As for perfume, you may already know that this Hermès scent is my all time love!

When I'm lazying on the sand, these are what I always bring with me: A straw hat - I love the design of this one from Nature et Découverte! - A swimsuit of course, I choose it following the atmosphere and the weather forecast: no need to loose you tiny bikini in the more violent waves! I also always bring 50+ SPF cream, as my pale skin with lots of beauty spots seems very eager to turn read. When it's shower time, I like to use a natural soap to remove the oily cream and the salt, sometimes using a brush to massage the skin before immediately applying some moisturizer. As for my hair, I like to give the strands some nutrition with this amazing oil.

If i'm going strait from the beach to the restaurant, I like bringing a pouch with some makeup. This one is from Desigual and screams summertime! I don't like doing something too sophisticated: just a touch of highlighter and blush, mascara and a coral red lipstick to enhance the new tan! I also like adding some jewels. I usually like delicate pieces but in summertime, nothing's better than ethnic-like pieces as these stunning earrings  (a gift from Africa) and this white coral necklace found on Etsy.

And you, what are your #BEACHESSENTIALS? ^^

  1. Coucou ma belle !

    J'adore tes photos et les produits que tu as sélectionnés !

    Grosses bises et bonne journée !

  2. ces photos sont superbes
    j'aime beaucoup
    gros gros bisous

  3. Les photographies pour présenter les produits sont superbes :)


  4. Waouh, tes photos sont vraiment sublimes !
    Tu les prends dans un studio ?

    Des bisous,

    1. Coucou! non, sur un grand carton blanc par terre devant une fenêtre >< On utilise un réflecteur pour avoir un maximum de lumière!


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