May - June 2015 outfits

JUNE 30, 2015

I am so so sorry for the complete lack of posts these pas weeks! Maxime has been too busy to take pictures and I have been quite preoccupied with other matters, so we could only post once a week. I feel quite frustrated about it but don't worry, things get back to normal now! I hope you still enjoyed these outfits, as you have seen I got keen on shorts ^^. I went sale shopping this week and got a little crazy, which is great considering we are going on a vacation in August, to the châteaux de la Loire and to Paris afterwards, this means plenty of outfits while visiting some of the most interesting and gorgeous places in France, we can't wait! :3

Rouge brique

JUNE 21, 2015

I promise, this these are the last shorts you're gonna see me wearing in a loong time! After all, this is only the 4th article wearing these. I guess I was trying to go for a more sophisticated and work-appropriate look (okay, these shorts are a little too...short ^^). I was wondering, what do you thing about wearing shorts at work?  :)


JUNE 13, 2015

I told you, I have a serious thing with shorts. These are so practical, a simple pair of heels instantly makes them more elegant! They're perfect for an evening out at the restaurant :)
We are planning our holidays for July, we're most likely to go to Paris for a few day, for our yearly dose of museums and great architecture ;)

Instagoodies #11

JUNE 09, 2015

I am really enjoying my holidays right now! I'm all about doing all these little things I was postponing, like tailoring clothes, doing DIYs, cleaning my wardrobe, reading books, hanging out with friends... And trying to figure out how Snapchat works! I finally created an account and I'm sharing foodies, haul stuff and peeks of my home decor, I hope you'll enjoy it! My Snapchat name is cecilejmaxce, what's yours? ;)