Cuisine: Marinated Prawns Salad

DECEMBER 26, 2014

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas time! I have been utterly spoiled with so many gifts and I had a lovely moment with family :) Now I'm back with any easy and yummy recipe, a good idea for a lunch box at university! I hope you'll like it, and tell me what you got for Christmas ;) 

Cosy party

DECEMBER 17, 2014

Here we are, finally the weather cleared a little so that we could take a few pictures of my outfit! This is what I'm planning to wear (perhaps) for Christmas. In my family, we dress quite casually for the party, so a little feminine, warm and cosy is what I need, adding a little sparkle and high heels! It's so casual indeed, I wore this outfit today at university but with booties :) What do you think guys, is the dress code in your family super formal or more casual? ;)

Instagoodies #7

DECEMBER 14, 2014

Yet another gloomy and rainy week end where I feel like screaming out all my rage against nature. I have so many new outfits to show you but short days + freaking awful weekends don't allow us to shoot any of them! I catch up on instagram of course but I really feel so frustrated right now... I hope it gets better soon! I'm also super nervous about upcoming exams this week, my dream would be to spend a few relaxing days in an outside spa in snowy mountains <3

My Xmas Wishlist

DECEMBER 12, 2014

Here are all the things I wish will end up behind my Christmas tree! I'm right now obsessed with anything wooden for my electronic devices and dainty embellished clothes as always :) I hope you will enjoy this list!


DECEMBER 09, 2014

The temperatures dropped this week, making our outfits shooting even more difficult since the weather is also super dark, which is why you will see quite a lot of DIY, beauty and lifestyle posts this upcoming week! I'm so excited about Christmas time, I've already bought all the presents but still haven't released any wishlist yet, so be prepared for a massive one! :D If you like my "snowflakes" nail art, the post is here! :)

Snowflakes Nailart

DECEMBER 07, 2014

Well, this is my very first Nail art article on MAXCE, and I must say, also the very first time EVER I’m trying to do nail art! I used to wear only plain colors but when I stumbled upon lovely snowflakes origamis at the Christmas market (I first thought I could paint some on stones), and lately when I found this great white nail polish normally made for doing white tips for a French manicure with its super thin brush, I thought I should give it a try! And as I like the result, here is my tutorial of this Wintertime nail decor! :) Do you like it?

65 stylish gift ideas for Men!

DECEMBER 03, 2014

This is for all ladies who just like me get nervous about Christmas gifts for their men! I don't know why it seems so difficult to find a present idea for them, and I often end up getting socks, scarves and stuff like this. So this year, I will make sure to get my Dad, brother and boyfriend a gift they'll enjoy! Check out this stylish and design gift guide by category: Home, Care, Clothes, Useless useful things, Technology and Office! :)