Apples, Roquefort and walnuts

When I prepared my last recipe (pears with goat cheese and honey), I thought it could be interesting to try the same composition but with another kind of cheese and fruit, so I gave a try to a surprisingly good mix: caramelized apples with Roquefort! This cheese is very strong in taste and quite salty, so apples sweeten it! I hope you'll tell me if you've tried (and liked) this experimental recipe at home! ;)

Whisky & Swarovski

Do you remember my Christmas wishlist? Well, I got them amazing Swarovski earrings! I wanted some funnier pictures than just a one of me wearing them, so I got my adorable 2-years-old bunny to present them. His name is Whisky (don't ask me why!), he is like our little kitten, we never lock him up in a cage. He plays around and sleeps on the sofa, hides in shopping bags and sits next to me when I'm working on my computer ;) 

Vous rappelez-vous ma liste de Noël? Eh bien je les ai finalement eues ces boucles d'oreille Swarovski! Je voulais faire des photos un peu plus drôles qu'un simple portrait de moi les portant pour vous les montrer! Alors voici mon petit lapin, il s'appelle Whisky (ne me demandez pas pourquoi), il a deux ans et il est un peu comme notre chaton, on ne l'enferme jamais dans une cage. Il joue dans l'appartement, dort sur le canapé, se cache dans les sacs de courses et reste assis à côté de moi quand je travaille sur l'ordinateur. ;)

Goat cheese and pears in brick

New recipe! I've been obsessed with bricks these past few weeks. It's super easy and one can try very interesting flavor associations! 

Back to school

In a few days, I will be starting my first internship in a primary school! As you may know, I am studying to be a schoolteacher. I'm so happy to leave all the theories for a short while and really see what teaching is about. To be honest, I'm a little scared. Will I be able to be a good teacher? Will I be interesting? Will the children learn something from my classes? I feel so small in front of all these responsibilities, I hope everything will be fine :)