Happy Mothers day !

Happy mothers day everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful time today, weather you're a mum or a daughter. Spending more time with my beloved ones is one of my main goals, and I could not wait to enjoy the day with my wonderful role model and hero, who I admire a lot. I truely hope to be such a good mum one day and I wanted to spoil her today with a voucher for a day together at the spa. She's always busy and very dedicated to her work (she's a teacher as well) and really needs some time off.

Le panier

Hello everyone! I can't tell you how glad I am for spring time and spring temperatures. I am not quite a fan of super hot weather, I do hope summer won't be here too soon!
Dressing for spring can be a littel tricky, and I lately found a formula that suits my taste a lot: longer dresses with mid-length sleeves and espadrilles. These shoes are my go-to for spring time, they are so comfortable and the fact that they are not open-toe really does make a difference in the morning! 
But the main star of the show here has to be this straw basket. How seriously beautiful is it? I wasn't quite into straw baskets or Bali bags before, mostly because I found the impractical for carrying valuables or because I've seen them too much. This one has a mix of cannage and weaving I find so interesting, with a super practical strap. I still usually keep my things in a nude dustbag to keep them secure. I do hope you'll lik it as much as I do!