Rude questions I got asked - answered!

NOVEMBER 07, 2018

Ahh, social medias... a great place to share, to get inspired and to keep in touch, but also a place where some people forget about filters and sheer politeness. I sometimes get asked questions that I believe would never have been asked in really life. These questions sound rude, very indiscreet and could offend people, but today I'll be answering some of them! I picked only questions that could come from candid people, no mean comments written to actually hurt or offend. Enjoy!


 "Your legs look sooo skinny... do you have an eating disorder?"

This one has to be the most asked. And the answer is NO. I have no eating disorder, and never had any. I've always been super tall and super skinny -it was worse as a teenager. I guess I am just that way, but I can't help imagining how a person with such disease would react when asked such a question... 


 "Are you doing blogging for money / How much do you earn?"

I've never got paid any money in 6 years, so I guess I'm not, or at least very bad at achieving my professional goals. I get gifted a few items now and then, only from brands I truly like!
I only live on my teacher wages, which aren't really high considering my masters degree and the time spent at work/planning lessons/grading papers. I've you're interested in how I afford all my clothes, read my special post here!


 " Did you have plastic surgery/nose job?"

I had to read this one twice, I still don't get how this person though of me having done plastic surgery! My nose is far from perfection, although I must say it is quite straight. I never had anything done to my face and body, not that I am against it, but I DREAD hospitals, needles, etc! The only cosmetic thing I had done is orthodontia - I had braces for 3 years.


 "When will you  be having kids?"

I find this one a bit tough. First of all, imagine asking this question to someone actually wanting children but unable to, this could be beyond upsetting. I my case, this question is simply annoying. I still don't know whether I'll be wanting some one day, I work with youngsters all day long and I don't quite know about having some of my own! Although people keep telling me "it's not the same!", I guess the noise and attention they need must be quite similar, right?


 " Why do you always wear the same shoes?"

I guess because I don't like tossing a pair just after having posted a picture of them! I know people are getting used to seeing "big" influencers changing their outfits twice a day, but in real life, we pay for what we wear and most of us can't afford a new pair every single day... Plus, I think it can be interesting to see how an item can be worn in many different ways!


 "Could you sell me your bag?"

My reaction was something like: "wait. whaaat?". Obviously my answer was no. I know Sézane is a very trendy brand right now, and their idea of limited editions and capsules every month has helped creating this sense of exclusivity. I got my hands on a quite coveted bag that got sold out quite quickly, and this person was asking me to sell her my bag. Just imagine someone doing the same thing on the street. WEIRD.


 "What's your bra size?"

This question came from a girl that had seen me wearing a beautiful lingerie set and must have been wondering which size to chose for herself, but instead of asking me if these were true to size, she asked for my measurements. I think this one is really private, and I won't be answering it.
I am quite used to getting questions on the clothing sizes I wear and I will always gladly answer to these and help you out, but lingerie is too personal!

And you, what are the rudest questions you got asked on social medias?

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