Happy 6 th anniversary, MAXCE ! - My style journey -

NOVEMBER 21, 2018

Our blog is 6 years old! I can't believe time has flown so fast. In 6 years, so many things has changed, in our private lives, in the blogging world in general, in fashion, and in my personal style. We have had some great opportunities and successes, frustrating times, busy moments, we took some breaks, we went traveled to amazing places, met wonderful people, we have learned and evolved so much!
We wanted to say to all of you a huge THANK YOU for all of your kindness, support and love through all of these times of doubt, joys and discoveries! 

We also wanted to look back at my style evolution since November 2012. It has changed quite a lot, from teenager to young adult, from student to school teacher... I had lots of fun going through my files, I hope you will also enjoying remembering my first pictures!

Before we had the blog ... 

As you may know, our fashion story already started one year before, as we were posting my daily looks on Lookbook.nu before eventually creating my own blog.  I started experimenting at that time, as as a teenager I would only dress in jeans, sneakers and sweaters (yep. what an evolution!), I wanted to explore more feminine styles and got a little crazy with embellished everything, high heels and bauble necklaces!

2013 - 2014

Back in the early days, I used to looove colorful prints, high heels and minis! Looking back at these years, I feel like I was trying way too hard but was also a lot more daring than I am now. I tried lots of strange color combinations, over accessorized with maximalist everything... All of this feels all over the place! I was a student and didn't have to worry about working dress codes and practicality. 


I finally understood that basic pieces were actually useful! I started toning it down a bit, wearing more neutrals, more plain accessories. We moved to Strasbourg from a smaller town on the countryside, and I feel that it had an impact on my style. I started training as a teacher and became a master student, so I had to look a little more professional! 


The year of black, and a big turn up! This year was crazy hectic an busy, I had to set priorities and blogging had to be put aside. Style wise, I started to move away from 10cm high heels and crazy color combinations. Little black dresses and tops (still with a little embellishment!) were my go-to. I also went back to my natural hair color.


The year I started working as a teacher, which had a huge impact on my style. First, I started experimenting with different silhouettes : I used to like my mini skirt - long sleeves- heels - mini bag combo that had been my go-to for the past three years. In 2017 I wanted to wear more pants, longer skirts and move towards better quality clothing. I also discovered second hand and outlet online shops! I'd say that the way I dressed last year became a little more balanced in terms of statement pieces and accessorizing. 


This year is not quite over yet! I find that I wore a lot more pants than I used to and went back to more colorful items. I still love unique and interesting combinations but I think that they are more carefully chosen and that I'm looking for smaller details rather than big loud statement pieces.

I do hope you enjoyed this little recap! Let me know what you think of my style evolution, do you find it has changed a lot between my 20th and my 26th year? (apart from my red to brunette hair ^^) Let's see what my 2019 style will look like!

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  1. Coucou Maxcé!

    Joyeux anniversaire Cécile et Maxime^^
    C'est vraiment chouette de voir l'évolution de vos photos et style vestimentaire sur plusieurs années.


    Marie Louise


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