8 little things I love!

MAY 18, 2018

After my "8 weird things I hate", I really had to tell you about things I love! Let's talk  about enjoying life & small pleasures :)

1 - One of my absolute favorite moments in life is that very first morning in a holiday place. In general, travelling brings me so much joy! We  often travel by day and arrive at night. When I wake up, I absolute love that blissful time either on a roof top or on the room balcony, listening to the buzzing city, the new sent of the place, enjoying that different atmosphere, and eat a local breakfast. I think that early morning wake elsewhere is magical!

2 - Again when travelling, I adore walking around the local food market. Even when going to a different French city, I love trying local delicatessen. Food markets are always on my travel to-do list!

3- Buying (and wearing) fine lingerie (yep, that one is really personal!).

4- Treating myself with luxurious food as a reward. A meal at a 3 stars restaurant, buying some truffle or a little caviar when I've achieved a massive goal - like finishing my studies!

5- Still speaking of food - You may have noticed by now that things that give me pleasure in life are pretty much food related! I love to take time arranging meals on a plate before serving, even if I'm eating on my own. Lately, I've had to cut down dairy (only for a few months hopefully), so I've become even more creative in my recipes because life without cheese really feels boring!

6 - I love autumn! My favorite season of all. The golden leaves, the chilly wind, the fog, the fashion, and of course the delicious veggies and mushrooms one can find at the market!

7 - Water. I love lakes, fountains, rivers, the ocean... so beautiful and peaceful! Fun fact, I'm actually not a very good swimmer and I'm terrified with sea depths. but the view of the sea makes me feel so good!

8 -   Thunder storms, and even that moment just before where the sky is gray and dark blue but some sun rays light buildings, such an explosion of colors, smells, movement, I absolutely love it and watch this show from my window, wearing a special fragrance that to me evokes tropical rain so well (yes, that is a weird habit!).

That's it! I do hope you liked this fun post, please let me know if you like some of these things as well and tell me all about yours!

  1. There's nothing better than walking around a food market in a new city! Here in New Zealand we're just headed into autumn and I'm enjoying styling up my scarves and hats :-)

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  2. Yes I agree, such a lovely moment! <3 Thank you for passing by ^^


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