8 Weird things I hate !

AUGUST 03, 2017

Hi there! I’m back with a fun “facts you didn’t know about me”. This time, I will be mentioning things I dislike or really hate, but not the usual “disrespectful people/car breaking down/Bus being late/mosquito” things. No. I will be only talking about those little weird things I’m sure most people don’t care about, but that really drive me mad! Enjoy and let me know if you dislike them too, so I may not feel so weird after all >< !

1.  Vocal messages. I don’t know why, I hate listening to them and even always move the phone away from my ear when I really have to hear them! This applies to my closest family just as to strangers…

2. The sound of simmering food. That “blup bloop” sound is really annoying to me, and it’s even worst in movies!

3. When someone is singing, whistling or humming some famous tune. It immediately and always gets stuck in my head for hours!

4. Men wearing tank tops. The biggest turning down male piece of clothes ever (to me, equal as flip-flops, socks in Crocs and what I call “spaghetti hair” drown in hair gel).

5. Having to do "la bise" (French special greeting kissing on the cheeks). I'm not afraid of touching, nor am I a very tactile person - I'm average I'd say. Hugging, shaking hands, holding hands and applying sunscreen is fine to me, but strangely enough, doing "la bise" is something I dislike. To me, it's perfectly fine with very close friends and family (Maxime-mum-dad-siblings-grandparents-end of it.) but to people I barely know or more distant family, It's a big effort I have to make - always end up pretending I got a cold!

6. When driving or sitting next to the driver: People not respecting distances. I get terrified when to close to the other cars or when someone following my car is definitely too close. I totally hate when they say "I'm pushing 'cause them cu*** are not fast enough! (even when you already at the speed limit)" And guess what, most of the time, the "slow driver" will end up saying "I'm slowing down so the cu*** behind me may understand he is too close!" Pushing, slowing down, pushing, everyone wanting to be right but not doing the simplest thing: adapting their speed for **** sake's! - oops, that car business always get people to swear.

7. Strawberries. And anything that tastes like it. This is an old "trauma" from my childhood. I often caught sinusitis and had to take antibiotics that tasted like awful, disgusting chemical strawberries with a liquid plaster texture. Now, even the smell makes me want to throw up!

8. Pre recorded laughs in TV shows, this is sooo annoying! Just like if we couldn't tell on our own if a line is funny or not!

Well, I do hope this doesn't make me snobbish or weird! Please tell us if there are some weird things you dislike as well ^^

  1. Hello ma belle,
    Je ne comprends pas l'anglais c'est dommage, j'aurai bien aimé savoir ce que tu détestes.
    Dans tous les cas, je tenais à te dire que ton look est canon !
    Bizzzz Deltreylicious

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