Au bord du lac

AUGUST 25, 2017

Hi everyone! I hope you're all enjoying the last days of August. As you will be reading this, we will be in Paris for a few days to catch up with family living there, and hopefully to discover new places and shoot some outfit pictures! Please follow us on Instagram to see our whereabouts (HERE) :) For now, here is one of the looks I was wearing in Annecy. I got head over heels in love with this wrapped blouse, with its dramatic embroidered balloon sleeves. It show off the figure and neckline so beautifully, it adds some sophistication to casual denim shorts. I also love to add a little bandana or scarf to all of my summer bags, it brings some color and more details to the outfit. I hope you like it as well ;)

Geneva day

AUGUST 16, 2017

Hello girls! I am right now enjoying some little rest at home... Before leaving again for some more cool exploring! For now, lots of sleep, reading, a little DIY and rearranging my home are what I'm busy doing. And of course showing you more from our trip to the Alps mountains. This is the outfit I was wearing for a day in Geneva, we were to enjoy a few hours there, strolling through the quiet streets, buying some goods from Globus and Caran d'Ache! What better than a pair of super comfy espadrilles to trot around? I was wearing a casual denim-blouse ensemble that was just perfect for exploring, I hope you'll like it!

70's Chalet

AUGUST 11, 2017

Hello everyone! I hope you've all had  a great summer so far. We've come back from the Alps, it's quite a difference to be again in my home. Although I absolutely love it, I've also realized how much I needed to often go somewhere else, and that it didn't have to be far to feel different and re energizing! Whilst we were there,  we mostly did relax, walk a bit in the mountains, eat tons of delicious food and of course, take sooo many pictures, and prepared a little surprise for you! Stay tuned for it ^^  Now on to the outfit. It is definitely not my most casual one, I was wearing this for an evening at the restaurant. I have been quite into peasant blouses lately, comfortable and feminine, easy to pair with anything. Denim and shorts seemed a little boring though, so I did try this tanned leather skirt instead, and I just love the result! The color is amazing and the overall outfit reminded me a lot of the 70's. Add a beaded bag for more texture and depth to the combination, and here you are! I hope you will like it as much as I do ;)

Wild flowers

AUGUST 08, 2017

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful summertime. To us, is has been pretty good for now, lots of pictures, gorgeous landscapes and amazing food: you name it, Alps! Summer there is always so peaceful, relaxing... my uniform up there has to be shorts, lace up sandals or espadrilles and a cute printed or embroidered top. I am not the biggest fan of crop tops in general, I find them a little too revealing and I like to have my lower back covered. But I thought this top was a good excuse to make an exception, especially paired with high waist shorts! The pleats, the print, this all screams mountains wild flowers fields and I simply couldn't resist it. Perfect for a casual walk! 

8 Weird things I hate !

AUGUST 03, 2017

Hi there! I’m back with a fun “facts you didn’t know about me”. This time, I will be mentioning things I dislike or really hate, but not the usual “disrespectful people/car breaking down/Bus being late/mosquito” things. No. I will be only talking about those little weird things I’m sure most people don’t care about, but that really drive me mad! Enjoy and let me know if you dislike them too, so I may not feel so weird after all >< !