Pleats, smocks & ruffles

JUNE 28, 2017

Hi ladies! Recently, I got completely obsessed with chiffon dress and skirts, sometimes with smocks or ruffles. So light, feminine, and also quite flattering as they enhance them waistline and hips. I've had this stunning skirt for a year now and I still can't get over it! I've  tried it with this top that has two layers - the longer tucked in the skirt, the shorter flowing over it - accentuating even more the waist. I think that the overall silhouette is really pretty, it could also totally work with a wide crop top. Adding some cute accessories like this season's must have straw basket and my all time favorite espadrilles, and there you have it, a cute, fun and feminine summer look :)

Feel-good Frenchie

JUNE 26, 2017

Hello everyone! This outfit shooting ended being a lot more patriotic than expected XD ! We had no idea these French an European flags would be there when we selected the location, but in the end, I guess they matched quite well the outfit's colors and as a fun coincidence, I was actually wearing only French brands. Hum. At first, I wanted to show you this fun outfit, featuring my new feel-good dress. It's kind of funny since the shape has some retro vibe and a quite long hem, but I really do feel so confident in wrap dresses! It's so flattering and sexy in such an amazing way, quite ladylike and elegant but also fun with the polka dots, made even cuter with these pompom sandals. In the end, the whole outfit looks to me at the same time incredibly effortless and simple (dress - sandals - done!) but also amazingly sophisticated with prints, textures (chiffon, leather, rope, metal, mother-of-pearl), lots of details, and the colors of the sandals matching exactly the dress' ones. Magical! I hope you'll like it :D

Les marronniers

JUNE 22, 2017

Hello! I hope you're all doing well in the heat this week... I've been steaming in my classroom, trying to teach pupils who are exhausted by temperatures. Only two weeks left. Huh. But for now, since I'm done with my master, I finally can get some time to go out and see my friends - I feel like a social zombie, emerging after two years buried in studies and getting to see the light! It's also time to move towards more personal projects that have been set aside, like travelling or looking for an apartment to buy. It feels amazing to be able to now look to long term future and not only to the next exams that determine if you can go on. Adult life begins! For this outfit I was wearing for a casual meet up with friends, I wanted something simple and airy yet a little formal for an evening out. That baby doll dress is one of my favorites, usually worn with a belt but I was quite happy to let my waist breathe! Minimal accessory with a bag, medal and bandana, plus these amazing three tones strap heels that bring texture and dimension to the look, just as the bag. It's probably one of my simplest looks :D !

When luck strucks

JUNE 16, 2017

Hi everyone! I am more than delighted to tell you that I finished my master and that I got the most amazing mark for my thesis! It means I am now a "real" teacher but also that I may continue my studies in the future (not sure when though!). With my new job in a great school, that's just perfect news and I feel blessed. I can't wait for the summer holidays now ^^. Anyway, to celebrate, Maxime and I went for a little meal outside, and this is the outfit I was wearing. I really loved to pull off that stunning woven jacket with that macramé top. The Moroccan cognac leather bag makes a great complement to the monochromatic clothes I think, warming the neutral tones! So, what do you think? :) 


JUNE 09, 2017

Hi everyone! I have three awesome news: first, I finished my master thesis. Second, I got a job as a  teacher in a great bilingual school. And third, I finally got some time to shoot quite a few of my latest outfits and DIYs! :D How great is that?! I am also quite happy to have only one month left until summer holidays.  Summer has actually been on and off recently, with days reaching up to 35°C to days barely having 15°C. It's been quite difficult to pick clothes in such conditions! For today's look, which is an outfit I wore for a simple restaurant meal with Maxime, I decided to pick items that kind of combine textures for both hot and chillier times, and that to me are exactly what I mean by spring dressing: mini skirt for summer, but in a lightweight leather, warm but not suffocating. Long sleeves for chillier evening? But in a breezy, flowy coton blouse in blush tones. Add rope sandals to toughen up the look and a delicate beaded bag for that evening feel, and there you have it! The perfect spring outfit ;)

20 things about me!

JUNE 03, 2017

Hi girls, I hope you're doing well!This time I wanted to do something fun and a little personal, so that you may learn a little bit more about me. These are 20 random facts, from my darkest secrets to casual things I enjoy doing!