20 things about me!

JUNE 03, 2017

Hi girls, I hope you're doing well!This time I wanted to do something fun and a little personal, so that you may learn a little bit more about me. These are 20 random facts, from my darkest secrets to casual things I enjoy doing!

1 - I am definitely more of a salt person rather than a sweet tooth. I like, no, I LOVE salty chocolate!

2 - I am a little of a clean maniac. An untidy room makes me feel weird!

3 - You know that person who hides her eyes during a whole movie? That's me! I even sometimes check spoilers to see if there would be some gory scenes ahead.

4 - I don't like to watch TV. Only sometimes some cooking and travel documentaries! And most of the time, I need to do something else while watching.
5 - My favorite music is jazz and blues! Nina Simone is my favorite singer. I also like various styles but I always get back to jazz! 

6 - I can eat almost anything. Special mention to stinky cheese. Except for strawberries and sodas...

7 - Speaking of food: nothings brings me so much joy and enthusiasm than going to a delicatessen store, especially in a foreign country, this drives me nuts!

8 - I am a crazy perfectionist. I guess this is perhaps my main quality, and main default: always doing my very best but very often unsatisfied with it! 

9 - I'm terrified with heights! I even cried when climbing the Eiffel tower... Even worse, I'm terrified with sea depths... watching a documentary on whales is difficult to me!

10 - I have an emotional relationship with words (yep, weird): I just crazy love some of them or totally hate some others like the words "fruit" -no idea why, I hate the sound of it- or "proof" I find too much and misused used nowadays, just as so many idiomatic expressions or quotes. Use your own words guys :p
12 - I can play the violin. I have learned it since I was 7 but these past 5 years I'm afraid I had no more time to exercise and I rather lost a bit of it!

13 - I am very curious and a keen learner! I actually feel weird when not understanding something and I am the kind of person capable of spending the night on internet researching about things - 4h last time on particle accelerators... at first I think I was looking for more information for my pupils regarding magnetic fields - well the lesson I was preparing was a simple experience: what materials can be attracted by a magnet? Even though, I HAD to learn more about magnetic fields!

14 - I like my handbags and shoes to look like sculptures, no matter the brand.

15 - I definitely am a morning person! I like the start of a day, I always feel very energetic and I have no problem waking up super early. But... I'm completely useless after 7 p.m.! 

16 - My favorite food has to be sea urchins! Well, along with cheese, mushrooms and caviar. 

17 - English is only my third language, the first being French, the second German and the fourth Russian. I love learning foreign languages, I'd like to learn Arabic and Italian!

18 - I have a problem evaluating distances. I don't have any eyes issues, I'm just terribly clumsy, always turning too soon and hitting the door frames with my shoulders or hurting my legs on my pupil's desks corners in the classroom. My thighs are always blue! 

19 - I can't read the time on a watch. Well, I actually can but like a six-years-old, counting the hours  & minutes like: 5...10...15...20... , pointing the dots with my fingers... That's really embarrassing! 

20 - I collect beautiful cookery books, I enjoy looking at the pictures just as much as trying out the recipes! I always have an other one on my wishlist :D

I hope you've enjoyed these random facts, please let me know if you have the same tastes and habits - or if I'm just plain weird XD !

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  1. très sympa ce genre d'article
    j'aime beaucoup
    gros gros bisous


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