Brown and black

JUNE 27, 2016 

how to wear brown and black together

You may have heard the news: i'm finally a teacher! I got the result for the competitive exam a few days ago, and even if I'm still not completely realizing I made it, I'm happy the waiting is all over,! Now I can finally get some rest and hopefully less stress for a few weeks, as you can tell my face started to bare the signs of lack of sleep and all that anxiety... Although I will have to work a lot on my master thesis, I'm planning to take some me-time, not worrying too much about next year! I'm also happy to say that we will get back on our regular article posting rhythm, prepare for a massive summer inspiration! ^^
Now on to the look: Mixing black and brown has been a huge no-no for years to me, as many people I just felt these to colors couldn't get along! Until I decided to give it a try, but not with your average brown pieces, and in quite a special way, so here are my tips to make these two colors the best fashion friends! I think that a brown with colder tones tends not to look very nice with black, so I liked this camel shade with almost some red in it instead. The idea is to give some contrast to the  two colors, and balancing the cold tones makes it already less weird! As always, I wanted to ad some texture in my outfit to enhance the contrast: suede versus crepe, lace and rope. The final touch, a third piece with a completely different color and even more texture: this lovely gray embroidered bag. What do you guys think, would you also pair brown and black together? ^^

I did it !

JUNE 22, 2016 

Just some news for you guys! I know this is not my average type of article, but i felt I just wanted to share the awesome information with you! If you have read my recent post, you may know that I passed the teacher's exam. I was first very happy to be selected after the first part to compete for the 320 places that were availble. I finally passed two oral exams and the last one was absolute hell, the jury was literally throwing their hard and vicious questions to me and I was honestly convinced I had failed, I was even starting to plan how to work for next year's session, taking notes of all these damn questions I thought I had not well answered to...
Well: I ranked 7 th out of 320!!! I just couldn't believe my eyes !
This shows you really can't guess what's on a jury's mind... I'm so happy I did it, and moreover to finally be a teacher! I just have to finish my master thesis now but next september I will start teaching. It's also such a relief to let all the anxiety go, I'm in heaven! Thank you all to you guys for your sweet words of support through this adventure I've shared with you! :)

Instagoodies #16 & news

JUNE 14, 2016 

If you guys follow me on IG, you may have seen my recent updates about my "everyday life". I've had two oral exams to become a teacher, which is why I have not been quiet here on the blog, I had to revise a lot... and it was quite not as expected. I left almost crying - I really rarely cry, and mostly out of frustration when this should happen. I was wondering if I should keep trying. Hard and weird themes and completely unexpected questions, I've heard it's completely normal for the jury to try to test someone's hablity to react to an uncomfortable situation but with my level of stress and my problem with shyness, I definitely would have liked them to be kinder. And now, I'm staying home, waiting for the result and trying to get out as soon as this seemingly endless rain should stop. I have so many outfits I'd like to show you and so many pictures I'd like to shoot outside! Still, I've been able to go out and sometimes to change my mind, here are some of the pics!