Instagoodies #16 & news

JUNE 14, 2016 

If you guys follow me on IG, you may have seen my recent updates about my "everyday life". I've had two oral exams to become a teacher, which is why I have not been quiet here on the blog, I had to revise a lot... and it was quite not as expected. I left almost crying - I really rarely cry, and mostly out of frustration when this should happen. I was wondering if I should keep trying. Hard and weird themes and completely unexpected questions, I've heard it's completely normal for the jury to try to test someone's hablity to react to an uncomfortable situation but with my level of stress and my problem with shyness, I definitely would have liked them to be kinder. And now, I'm staying home, waiting for the result and trying to get out as soon as this seemingly endless rain should stop. I have so many outfits I'd like to show you and so many pictures I'd like to shoot outside! Still, I've been able to go out and sometimes to change my mind, here are some of the pics!

Si vous me suivez sur Instagram, vous avez peut-être suivi mes aventures d'admissible au concours de professeur. J'ai passé deux oraux d'où mon silence sur le blog, bien que j'eusse préféré écrire des articles plutôt que de réviser autant... surtout pour me planter en beauté comme je l'ai fait. Je suis sortie de la salle en retenant mes larmes - pourtant, je pleure peu et plutôt de frustration - et en me demandant si cela valait la peine de continuer. Des sujets bien corsés et inhabituels, des questions vicieuses auxquelles je n'avais pas pu/su me préparer, il paraît qu'il est normal d'essayer de déstabiliser le candidat mais avec mon niveau de stress et mon problème de timidité, je m'en serais bien passé. Maintenant, j'attends sans conviction les résultats et je désespère de ce mauvais temps interminable. J'ai tellement de tenues que je voudrais vous montrer, de photos à prendre à l'extérieur! Pour l'instant, je me change les idées, je sors dès que possible, alors voilà l'album photo des ces dernières semaines!

Outfit of the day: The Kooples top, Maje shirt, Agatha
Watch and a bag brought back from Marrakech!

Definitely the best burger in Strasbourg from Le Pied
de Mammouth: pesto, bacon, steak and Tomme cheese :D

Picture from Morocco, how I miss this place!
See this look HERE!

Black and white day, with chunky knit, delicate lace
and embroidered bag from Ba&sh

All black outfit it the snow, see the look HERE!

A picninc in the snow, last March <3

Cosy day with La Redoute bra, Mariage Frères smoked
tea and delicious candle!

A quite experimental look; mixing different styles
and influences, see it HERE!

Rocking one of my favorite dresses and my new
cat eyes sunglasses (well, before the bad weather
started) See the full look HERE :D

Still found the time to do some online shopping for
Summer and got these beauties from & Other Stories!

My latest DIY: a very trendy off-shoulders lace top!
Follow the steps HERE!

A little sequins and this Fuscra wooden bag for a party!

Purple flowers and white Ikks dress :D

Second home: the Library in Strasbourg!

New in! A blue sundress from Asos.

My latest recipe: Cod in sweet olive oïl with steamed
veggies! (HERE)

Dainty bracelet from Bijou Chérie and white flowers

I recently went to a Vide dressing and I couldn't resist this
beauty: 10 euros for this skirt!

The cutest pouches ever by Yves Delorme

Yesterday and the new &Other Stories store in Strasbourg:
too many cool decor ideas to steal :D


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