New start

When I try to imagine what 2014 is going to look like, I can already tell you that there is going to be quite a lot of events. First, I hope to graduate in June, so that I can start the final part of my studies to be a schoolteacher! I'm also very excited, as Maxime and I may move in a new apartment (depends on where I should go to study). I like the perspective of a new start this year, new environment, new people, new occupation... I can't wait ;)

Swiss day

Maxime and I are spending Christmas right next to Switzerland! We both enjoy this land so much, so naturally today we went to Basel for some shopping and visits. We had a lovely time at the Christmas market, I just can't get enough of this atmosphere, although there is a very famous one in my hometown Strasbourg! My favorites shops are traditional food ones, with their amazing Tartes Flambées (A bit like a pizza but way thinner, with a special cream with herbs and spices, bacon strips, onions and grated cheese! <3). If you should ever come to Alsace, make sure to try it ;)


I'm on holiday! It feels so good not to have any paper work or exams to prepare, I stayed the whole day at home, cleaning the house, reorganizing the decoration, getting rid of old papers, making plans for Christmas, taking the time to bake some more cookies... I really needed that! I am also wondering what outfits I'm going to wear on Christmas eve and for the new year's party, this one was what I wore this week-end for a lunch at restaurant Next to the Cassiopeia thermal baths in Germany;) Any suggestions of brands?

DIY Christmas gift-wrapping

It has been such a long time since I last posted a DIY article! I actually had not enough time for complicated embroidering, so this one is way quicker and easier to do! 

This is a cute way to wrap small jewels or objects.