Alter ego

A few days ago, a new friend of mine who just learned that I were posting streetstyle pictures on a fashion blog was so astonished. She almost couldn't believe it. She said I was just dressed like everyone else. And she was right to be surprised, because I actually do dress very casually, not at all like a fashionista when I go to university! The reason is quite simple: I don't live in my home town Strasbourg for my studies, but in one of the ugliest and most unsafe city in France (truly), and I have to take public transportation (sometimes very late) to go to my classes.  Even if I think that this is so unfair and that the mentalities of these Neanderthal stupid macho guys who mistake a student in chic clothes for a prostitute should be really changed, I still want to be safe and avoid getting harassed on the bus, so I leave my beloved dresses, skirts and high heels to wear only pants and jeans during the week, and I avoid wearing too bright clothes. I wear my favorite dresses and skirts on weekends and I enjoy it even more! I think this is such a shame, hiding style and femininity only to be safe on the street, still I know that sometimes this it not enough, as long as you're a woman, they think you're a prostitute. They make me sick. Even so, I still try to make it more like "me"! See one of my go-to-school outfits here.

Cuisine: Mussels!

Yesterday, I went to my parents and my mum taught me how to cook one of my favorite childhood's dishes: mussels! And as there was some leftovers, I took them home and prepared them as a first course, in quite a different way. So here is the recipe!

Autumn in bloom

Last weekend was the time to empty my closet, take the summer clothes out and put the winter stuff in (my closet isn't big enough to contain all the dresses and coats I have! So when the weather get hot or cold enough, I put the unsuitable clothes in big boxes and I store them up on the wardrobe.). This felt so weird and sad a t the same time, I hate this gloomy time of year, it's raining all the time and the days get shorter. But yesterday was still quite sunny and warm so I decided to wear this awesome dress, as you may know I am mad about their lovely and stylish prints and shapes! I like to make this flower printed dress look more autumnal, with fall tones accessories like cognac, brown, burgundy :)