Stockholm blogger lunch outfit

This was the outfit I decided to wear for the lunch with famous Swedish bloggers thanks to (so impressive!). It was an amazing experience, I felt so honored, and the meal was absolutely delicious! 

Stockholm Fashion week with

As I told you previously, I had the most amazing surprise last week! has invited me to the Stockholm fashion week to attend the Whyred show (I will post an article about it later on). 
The trip was quite long because I had to go first from Strasbourg to Paris and spend the night there, then take the plane to Berlin, and then to Stockholm (two take-offs, ugh). I was absolutely amazed by what I could see through the window! The landscape looks so wild, lakes and forests everywhere, one can hardly tell where the see ends and when the islands become the land. Stokholm itself reminded me of some gorgeous German cities, the people are so kind and respectful, I can totally see myself living there! The restaurants I've been to (The Griffin Steakhouse and the Nybrogatan 38) have the most exquisite Cuisine (as a lover of good food, I was enchanted!), and the decoration was so stylish and fitted completely my taste, I fell in love with the City! This trip was also the occasion to meet new people. Actually, I had never met any other fashion blogger before! The two winners Margot and Marzia Peragine were so cool and stylish, I felt so impressed when I first met them, and even more when we had this lunch with some amazing Swedish fashion bloggers like Andreas Wijk, Angelica Blick, Caroline Roxy and other bloggers from the platform. And the Stylight wonderteam Marie and Natalia were so adorable! Sadly we hadn't that much time to discover the city, but it was so full of emotions and I have learned so much about blogging and fashion! I will definitely keep amazing memories of this trip, my very first as a fashion blogger! Thank you so so much Stylight <3

Goat cheese, honey and flowers salad

First recipe since a looong time! I wanted to cook something using flowers, and I was lucky to find some at the farmer's market last week. I love how they can bring some color to a dish, but also some original textures and tastes: some of them taste like pepper, anise or... oyster (not joking!).

Straw -DIY Jacket


I have no idea why, but it already feels like the end of summer. Perhaps because of the rain, the fall collections and campaign of the brands (which is exciting and frustrating at the same time, too many crushes and not enough money!), the school supplies at the supermarket... it's a bit weird. There is only one month left until the beginning of the year a university, and I'm determined to enjoy it ;)

More details on the DIY Jacket and how I did it here