Our fashion photography tips

Hi everyone! I do hope you're all doing well.We often get asked what camera and lenses we're using for our pictures, and I thought it would be interesting for my fellow bloggers to know some of our tips and tricks to taking pictures in the best possible way! I hope these tips may be helpful, Please feel free to add your own advice in the comments :)

Winter in Geneva

JANUARY 14, 2019

Hello everyone! I hope 2019 started all well. At Maxce's house, everything is pretty hectic, we're so busy preparing our wedding (two months left to go!) and our jobs are very demanding as always. Anyway, we are well organized and will keep posting here and on social medias! 
During holiday season, We had the chance to take a break and visit our family near Geneva. We enjoy this place quite a lot and have our own little habits : walking up to the cathedral, picking some delicatessen at Globus grocery store, eating pizzas at Molino and walking along the lake.
For that first extremely windy day there (my hair flew on my face on most pictures we took! so annoying), I was wearing this monochrome oxblood red outfit with touches of gold. I love the contrast of textures with the chunky knit and the satin skirt!
I was also wearing this super warm and soft tartan plaid by Pashmina & Cachemire. Remember our autumn outfit with this luxurious scarf? This wool pink one is even cosier! Scarves in Winter are such a good basic to snuggle in but also a great fashion accessory, and I was happy to give a go to the unusual combination of pink and red. What do you guys think? :) 

My 2019 style wishlist

JANUARY 09, 2019

Hello everyone! It's been quite a while since my last post here on the blog, I have managed to stay a little more committed to my IG page but things have been awfully busy in December. I am now a German teacher in a bilingual class - I am a French teacher but they needed someone so badly that I applied. (It would be too long to explain how French education system works, but this is perfectly normal.) This is such an interesting experience, although it means quite a lot of work. German is my second language - English being my third - but I still need to work on specific vocabulary and although I'm a trained teacher, teaching kids a foreign language in a foreign language is pretty different. I've missed blogging quite a lot! I recently had a look on many inspirational websites and retail sites and have been thinking about my personal style. To be honest, I sometimes feel a bit bored with it. I find it a little too classic or girlish, I would love to make it a little more modern - although I'm not really an athleisure and minimalist fan. I think sleek pieces and interesting cuts may add something to my usual outfit combinations that mostly focus on textures. Here are the pieces I'm coveting in early 2019!