La belle vie

Hello everyone! We're just back from our little getaway in Belgium... It's been three lovely days in beautiful Bruges! Lots of waffles and an interesting journey through history. The city itself became quite a open air museum but still, wandering through the pretty streets and navigating the canals was a most charming experience! We were incredibly lucky in our weather, sunny but yet very chilly.

Dressing for a day out visiting a town cen be very tricky. I actually like to dress exactly how I would in my hometown, only paying attention to local dresscodes. In a European and very touristic city such as Bruges, nothing too complicated! I wore this pretty dark floral dress with comfy ankle boots, and the warmest, softest and cutest faux fur jacket by C'est Beau La Vie. I loved the contrast between the silky and flowy printed fabric and the quality furry outerwear. As you may know, I'm all about textures in my outfits! A fun, cute yet warm and comfortable look, perfect for walking around all day. I hope you'll enjoy our pictures! <3 

I was wearing

C'EST BEAU LA VIE fur jacket (here!)
BA&SH belt
ANDRE boots

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