A new chapter...

Hi everyone! I am so happy to announce that Maxime and I are launching a new site, only dedicated to cooking!
I've been into cooking and eating since my early teens, and if fashion and lifestyle shadowed this passion of mine here on the blog, I must say that I recently found even more pleasure and comfort in preparing meals and trying new recipes. Of course I'll keep posting my outfits here on MAXCE's main blog! I'll be more than happy to share my recipies as well.

Please do head on to MAXCE CUISINE and subscribe to its new pages (hellocoton, bloglovin). Other social medias will remain the same. 

I really do hope you'll enjoy this new chapter! 
                                                                                                                                        Love xx, Cécile

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  1. Coucou Cécile,

    Félicitations pour "Maxce Cuisine".
    Je te souhaite bon courage pour la gestion de tes deux blogs :-)
    J'ai vraiment hâte de voir les bonnes recettes que tu nous proposeras!


    Marie Louise


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