OCTOBER 31, 2018

Hi everyone! I'm glad to share with you our last pictures from Milan, my third outfit for a day walking around the city, exploring streets near the Duomo and Brera. It was hot as hell, but we really enjoyed it! I was wearing this matching cotton set with espadrilles, so light and airy. This stay in Milan was so interesting, we didn't expect such an architecture - my first impression was something like: "This looks like an Italian Geneva!" -  We would love to go back!


OCTOBER 19, 2018

Hello everyone! I am so excited to finally share with you these pictures from our favorite moment in Milano, our visit to the Duomo! I was so looking for climbing up to the rooftops, such an amazing experience! I was a little worried about dealing with my fear of heights, but I was perfectly fine as everything feels secure up there. And what to say about the gorgeous architecture, made even more special by the soft morning light.
I think that we finally found our holiday rhythm as bloggers: We like to wake up super early to shoot outfit pictures, and then casually enjoy our day as normal tourists, not worrying too much about documenting our trip, it feels like we really live our trip but still satisfy our hobby at the same time. 
For the look, since this day was crazy hot, I went for long dress on its own, but what a dress! I have a little obsession with lurex threads in clothes, I think it makes it so special. I kept my accessorizes quite simple, with a few jewels such as this trendy seashell necklace (last year's DIY!).

How I deal with frustration

OCTOBER 09, 2018

Hi everyone! Today, I wanted to talk to you about something I feel so often. Frustration is a feeling of anger and stress one has when one can't achieve or get something he or she wants, for different reasons : lack of time, of means, bad/not sufficient response from people one's dealing with... 


OCTOBER 05, 2018

Hello ladies! We're in October now, and I can't wait for my favorite time of year! Golden leaves, soft, warm light, delicious mushrooms and fruits, not to mention interesting fashion! Sadly, the beginning of fall also means all kind of illnesses coming back, I have been in days for four days...
For now, here is one of my favorite looks from out Italian stay, near Milano's famous canals at sunrise... I am all for prints when it comes to lighter dressing, this brings a lot of interest and dimension when layering, accessorizing and most textures aren't in option during hotter times!