Bohème aux Tuileries

FEBRUARY 19, 2018

Hi everyone! I hope you're doing well, I'm only a week away from holidays and I can't tell you how much these are awaited! For now, here is an outfit I'm happy to show you. I have quite been into long dresses this year, but I used to go for them only during summertime, as I felt that all this fabric, added to winter coats and boots made me look a little too covered up. I found that wearing a belt and a shorter jacket definitely helped defining the silhouette, just as choosing well-contrasting textures as accessories. I hope you'll like it!

How I afford my clothes

FEBRUARY 10, 2018

Hi everyone! I recently got asked quite few times how I could afford all of my clothes, especially since I am not a professional blogger and since I live on a "beginner" teacher's wage. I thought the subject was really interesting, and it happens that I have quite a lot of tips! I hope this will answer the original question and perhaps give you some ideas on how to afford to get the clothes you like!

Quais de Seine

FEBRUARY 02, 2018

Hello girls! We are having quite a weird winter here in France... Temperatures raise up to 12°C in the afternoon, there are already baby ducklings swimming on the river and buds on trees. I miss them well defined seasons, although I'm quite glad not having to face freezing winds ans snow storms when watching the kinds during breaks! Also, I'm happy to still be able to wear mid-season jackets. For this outfit, I was inspired by he Seine river and these charming boats alongside the embankment. Did I say I love water? I was quite unsure about these sailor pants at first, wondering if these weren't just a little too much, especially paired with this cap. But I think the overall look had a lot of character and is lovely! I do hope you'll like it as well :)