Back on track !

JANUARY 23, 2018

Hi everyone! Well... it's been quite a while, I hope you're all doing just fine. If you've read our previous post, you may already know that we wanted to take a break from blogging and socials. After 5 years of (almost) constant posting, holidays were much needed. Although we still had so much inspiration, the rhythm of picture taking - editing - publishing - posting on socials had gone too difficult to follow, and we wanted to take some time off to reflect on these past two years changes in the blogging world, and if and how we were going to fit in all these changes (IG, I'm looking at you.), what we wanted our work to look like and what our purpose would be. So, we figured it all out and we're now ready for a new start! 

This is my first look for 2018: a super comfy yet feminine look. I love the idea of a chunky knit meeting the cheer dress, and letting a little skin on display in an unusual place like this. I do hope you like it, welcome back! <3

All my favorite 2017 looks!

JANUARY 02, 2018

Happy new year everyone! May 2018 be filled with happiness, success and dreams coming true! 2017 has already been a great year for me. I graduated in June after a crazy final master year, and also successfully passed the class inspection that made me a real, full-time teacher. Maxime and I are so grateful, we had amazing holidays in the Alps (twice, in February and July!) and Paris (also twice, in August and November!). We do hope that 2018 is bringing more, since we are looking for a new home but also planning our wedding! But for now, here are all my looks for the past year. I've been wearing a lot more color this year, but as you may know if you do follow us on IG, we've been taking a break from blogging and socials for the past three months, hence the absence of autumn outfits. I've been missing it so much, but it was much needed! No worries though, we're back on tracks and we have plenty of posts coming your way for the new year! Enjoy the recap,  please tell us which one you liked the most :)