Style tricks that make a difference

JULY 25, 2018

Style is often in the details. The little things that make an outfit interesting, put together, when each piece connects with the others in an harmonious way that match your personality. The main ideas are: make your outfit more flattering, add some dimension to it and make all the pieces stand out together! Here I my top tips to make it happen, please add yours in the comments! 

Put a belt on it 

A good belt not only defines the waist, but can also help to create volumes and add texture to an outfit. There is so much choice, color, texture, width, details... Whenever I find my dress a little boring I always reach for a good contrasting belt!

The half tucked 

Tucking your to in you pants or skirt helps elongate the legs but can also make a style point, especially when half-tucked!

Roll up

A good twist to plainer clothes and basic items is to play with hems. This will also show a little skin at your ankle and make your shoes more noticeable.  Roll them up, tie them together for extra style!

Scarf play

A nice scarf is such a versatile accessory to have. As a bracelet, as a belt, as a hair band... But what I like to do most is to add it on bags. This makes the bag's colors pop and drives attention to it.

Update your basics

As you may have noticed, I'm not a huge fan of minimalism. To be honest, I find most basic pieces too easy and a little boring (oops, that's only my opinion!). So, whenever I pick a more classic piece, I like to find those who have a little bit of a twist : A trench with a "scuptural" design, a marinière with interesting details, denim with special hems... these can easily be paired but still are so much more interesting!

Think textures more than colors

That's my number one tip. This brings so much dimension to an outfit, even more than loads of prints and detailed accessories! I like to wear a least three different textures in an outfit : such as coton-straw - suede, or silk- feathers - metal...

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