Clothes deadlines

SEPTEMBER 26, 2017

Hi everyone! I have recently noticed something about clothing items, and more specifically about bloggers wearing these items, which actually gets me a little sick: clothes deadlines. I'm talking about clothes that aren't desirable anymore because trends have changed, but also for bloggers, and this is just as concerning, clothes we shouldn't wear and present in blog posts - to some people's opinion - because they're not available anymore in stores!

End of holidays

SEPTEMBER 18, 2017

Hello loves! It has been about two weeks since the latest post, and I'm so sorry about this. I have actually been pretty busy with back-to-school, which as a teacher means so much work, parents meetings, preparations and more. I am exhausted and definitely waiting for weekends! My pupils are quite nice but also testing that baby teacher to see how much of a dragon I can be. It's tough to present yourself as severe and rough when you aren't in real life. Theater skills much needed. 
But now, enough of school talk! Let's bring back happy memories of blissful summer holidays in the Alps. I love this region to bits, so peaceful and fun at the same time... For that day, we were casually strolling around, dipping our toes in the blue lake and enjoying some ice cream in the hot weather. I was wearing super comfy silk shorts, that can kind of look like pajama bottoms. So to elevate the look, I've chosen black accessories in thicker materials such as leather and rope with golden hardware to toughen the light printed silk. I do hope you will like it as well ^^