June - July 2017 outfits

JULY 30, 2017

June/July, or shall I say all outfits since it stopped snowing last March! Hum. At least, you'll have a good view of my overall spring to summer style. I must say, I kind of feel and evolution towards more colorful and feminine items lately, last year and winter where quite dominated by black and neutral hues. But seeing what I got on summer sale, this colorful taste might have been only for a short time! We are currently in the French Alps, near Switzerland, to unwind and to commit to a new project regarding the blog. So stay tune! For now, I leave you with the outfit recap. Let us know which one you've enjoyed the most!


JULY 21, 2017

Hi ladies! I can't believe half of July as already gone. These holidays seem to go so quickly... I have been a little lazy regarding clothes lately, simply pulling on a dress, sandals and a few simple accessories. But with such hot weather, it's kind of hard to layer and wear crazy textures! At least, I like to have some lovely details like these pompom sandals or these lace sleeves, that make this simple outfit less, well, simple! I was wearing this for a day in the country with family. I hope you like it as well ;)

Grilled eggplants

JULY 18, 2017

Hello loves! Cooking is one of my biggest summer pleasures, it's so lovely to be able again to try out new recipes! This one is pretty simple: sliced eggplants grilled and topped with other ingredients. it's a great appetizer but could also be a main dish, accompanied with some salad. Follow the steps and let me know if you tried it! 


JULY 13, 2017

Hello everyone! I've never had such a busy holidays start. Cleaning my house from top to bottom, planning the upcoming trips, finishing some work so that we can leave with a clear mind! Actually, the only thing we did that looked a little holiday-esque for now was a lovely stroll through the wheat fields after a day with family in the country. I was wearing this cute printed dress that looks a little retro to me, paired with cognac accessories - I just love how this colors brings out anything worn with it! - That dress in anything I love for summer dressing: light, soft, simple but not boring with structured shape and lovely print that is not too loud and brings some dimension, and most of all, not expensive at all since its from the famous Shein.com site. In general, I don't spend much on summer items since the Alsacian weather doesn't allow me to wear them more than two months per year, so this is perfect! I hope you'll like this look as well :)


JULY 11, 2017

Hello everyone! I am very happy to say that I am finally on holidays! Maxime and I planned some getaways in the following weeks, but for now, I'm happy to stay home and catch up with some personal projects, including the blog (have you noticed the design changes here on MAXCE? ^^). Strangely enough, as I am rediscovering the pleasure of blogging, I feel like everyone else is taking a break from their site and social medias, especially Instagram these days...Do you guys feel the same? Anyways, I am happy to have time to share more with you! 
Today's outfit was a festive one I wore for a lunch at the restaurant. I wanted to play with the unique patterns and textures of this pleated top, this fringed tweed skirt with its golden threading  and the amazing woven leather of this bag. I think that these subtle details are really interesting worn together, I hope you like them as well!

DIY straw bag

JULY 03, 2017

It's been quite a while since the latest DIY! I'm quite sure you couldn't miss the straw baskets and bags trend that has been taking over these past weeks. Well, I must say they have everything to please, fun shapes, relaxed feel, interesting textures... I already own 2, but I was looking for something really unique and original. And as I was shopping for plaster and paint in an hardware store, I stumbled upon this ah-may-zing woven rattan roll and the crazy idea came immediately to use it as a material for a super original straw clutch! I actually made two other clutches as there was still some leftover woven rattan. So I am very happy to say that if you really don't feel like doing this yourself, I will be selling the two others on my e-shop (here)! But you can also just follow the steps ;) Please do share if you liked!

Flowers, salmon and feta pasta

JULY 01, 2017

Finally, a new recipe! I'm afraid that lately, being a kitchen creative has definitely not been one of my priorities. To be perfectly honest, I mostly tended to eat simple and quick to prepare meals. But has the work charge decreases as we reach the end of that school year, I try to get back to pleasure eating! This time, I wanted to associate some fresh summery flavors like lemon and feta cheese with edible flowers I find always so interesting to cook with - it has some surprising peppery taste -, in a super easy to make yet quite refined recipe! I hope you will like it, please send me pictures if you try it at home! #Maxcecuisine