April daily looks

APRIL 30, 2017

Hi ladies! I hope you all had a wonderful month! As you may know, I recently started to take pictures of my daily looks and show them through Instagram stories. On the blog, Maxime and I used to take photographs and share only my looks that we felt were worth sharing, the ones that had to our opinion something interesting and inspiring, an uncommon association of textures or colors, a unique shape, because as personal style/inspirational bloggers, we believe that you don't need inspiration from us to associate a pair of jeans with a basic top, but now, we thought it would also be interesting to show you also my classic/casual outfits, to show you what my personal style looks like when under constraints. The ones I pull out of the closet when in a hurry, the ones I wear as a teacher (no super high heels nor mini skirts!), the ones I wear when just going grocery shopping... So, here are the details of April's everyday looks!  Let us know if you like to see these more simple outfits as well!

Floral field

APRIL 27, 2017

So good to see Spring again! I can't tell you how nice it has been to enjoy a little day out among trees in blooms. I am currently preparing my class inspection, the last step (well, almost, there's also a university diploma to get :p) towards becoming a "real" teacher. I have been teaching alone part time as an intern since September, and this inspection should hopefully make me a full time certified teacher. It has been such a long journey since high school: This is my 6th and last year at university, I had to get through the master degree and the competitive exam, and the first months have not been easy, learning how to prepare classes and interesting projects for my pupils, working on weekends and holidays, but it's all worth it!
Now on to the look: I've been dying to try this khaki-lace-silver combination! Such soft colors and great textures worn together. I also wanted to wear this party-esque bag at day: I recently really liked the idea of wearing pieces that are usually designed for special occasions in a more casual and informal way. I hope you like the result, stay tuned for more spring looks to come! :)

Winter outfits 2017

APRIL 19, 2017

Hello everyone! I wanted to do a quick winter outfit recap', which is not outdated, since it has been snowing again in Strasbourg this week in the morning... I am on holiday right now, but mostly preparing the upcoming two months for school... and doing lots of DIYs for you guys! I'm really excited about some of them, I can't wait to show you! But for now, here are all of my winter outfits we shot in the snowy mountains and Annecy. I hope you have enjoyed them and that they've given you some inspiration! Speaking of looks, If you do follow me on Instagram, make sure you check my insta stories, as I am now showing pictures of my daily outfits, from the ones I wear to parties to the more simple ones I wear as a teacher, I hope you'll also find some inspiration there! ;D 

Lake doll

APRIL 13, 2017

Hello everyone! This is the last outfit from our Alpes escapade... And what better to end up these series than the dreamy landscapes of Annecy's lake. I absolutely adore this place, and with the soft winter light through the morning fog, there is definitely something magical about it! It reminds me of romantic paintings... 
For that cold morning, I've decided to go for a combination of black and navy, and as always playing with lots of textures: faux-fur, leather, wool, knit, chiffon... and to add a little bohemian details, with that lace up blouse with lace details and this amazing skater skirt, so thick and warm! 

Belle vue

APRIL 09, 2017

Last look from the Alpes... I sure miss the place! I am now on holiday and so happy to relax and not think about work. I have also started to do some new DIYs, I can't wait to show them to you!
Now, on to that comfy yet feminine mountain look. It was actually 15°C that day, so I guess it's still perfectly wearable for them chilly early spring mornings! I have a huge thing for this type of dress. the stretchy, thick material is sooo nice and warm, and I find the shape quite flattering. I've decided to pair it with thick wool tights and ankle boots, and also a knit cardigan cinched at the waist with a western inspired belt for a little boho touch. One of my favorite mini embroidered bags, and here you have it! Warm mountain boho look. I hope you will like this style! :)

Shop my clothes!

APRIL 05, 2017

Hi girls! I have been tidying my closet lately, it was really about to explode and with spring around the corner, I also went a little nuts on shopping... As you may know, I am quite fond of that "shop the wardrobe concept. I often go to events where I can sell and buy pre loved items, and I recently discovered websites where one can do exactly the same. I'd say a good fifth of my wardrobe is now composed with second-hand items, I really can't tell the difference since I only buy things that are in perfect condition, except for the price! So I have filled my online shop with some items that don't fit anymore or that I never find any occasion to wear. 

Black on white

APRIL 01, 2017

Spring is here! I can't tell you how happy I was to take an hour for me and enjoy these beautiful trees in bloom in Strasbourg! I guess I will definitely have another stroll around this coming weekend! 
As you may know, I am entering the last part of my school year, which is hopefully my last year as a student. It has been awfully busy, I've had almost no me-time to rest for the past 6 weeks. I'm so tired I actually fell asleep sitting at the dinner table last Monday... Anyway, spring holidays are only a week ahead from now and with all the amazing spring stuff I keep buying, I will definitely try to get some outfit inspiration for you and shoot some of my new looks! But for now, I am happy to show you some more of my Alpes outfits. It took me quite a while to dare to wear over-the-knee boots, since they have quite a reputation but I thought that these suede ones with a chunky heel would be a lot easier to pull off. I've paired them with boho pieces like this amazing top and these round-framed sunnies to balance the quite sexy feel of such boots, and make it more relaxed. Ad casual and sleek jewels such as this gorgeous Cluse watch, and that's it! I hope you'll like it :)