70's snow

MARCH 20, 2017

Hello everyone! I'm so happy to show you this look, one of my favorite we shoot in the Alpes in February - time has fled so fast! We're already in Spring time, but I guess a few outfits in the snow and sun won't do any harm and still give you some inspiration! After all, it's not that warm yet... 
When in the beautiful mountains, I really liked to give my outfits a bit of a 60's to 70's vibe. I don't know why, winter holidays and jacquard sweaters always remind me of that era, so I hope you'll like this look, with this gorgeous dress and the high boots! As always when rocking monochromatic clothes, I like to incorporate as much texture as possible, so here you have wool, suede, knit and recycled leather, with this stunning Fuscra clutch!

Sur les pistes

MARCH 09, 2017

Ah, skiing... I had not been on skis for more than ten years, I was amazed how it came back so easily! I am not very good at it though, doing mostly blue and red trails but what I like the most is gazing at the landscapes and skiing through woods or by night with Maxime, the feeling is so different! And of course afterwards, enjoying a delicious hot chocolate at the chalet or at the local café. Après-ski can be just as fun as ski itself! I was wearing for that stroll to the station's coffee house (or shall I say chalet) this quite fun outfit, with this big comfy sweater and these leather pants, paired with my favorite winter boots. Some people might say heels are madness in the snowy mountains but these chunky rubber ones were the best I had for climbing these frozen snow roadsides! 
I was also wearing this amazing Cluse watch found on Montre.be. I loved the sleek and elegant design, it was so difficult to choose the right one as they have so much choice! I hesitated quite a lot between the metallic bracelet and the leather strap, but I'm quite happy with the choice I went with in the end, it's so easy to pair with any style and the watch arrived so quickly!

Alpes dream

MARCH 02, 2017

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful winter vacation or are planning to get one! This little break in the Alpes has been a blessing for me and reminded me how much I love to travel. I really needed to escape from my work and take some me-time, enjoying the wonders of nature and of course focusing on doing things I love, that is spending time with my family, eating, and photography! As you may know, I recently got my first reflex camera, and what better than beautiful landscapes and the best of teachers to improve my skills. Of course, I also got in front of the camera to shoot some of my winter outfits, I really hope you will like this one! It's rather simple, wearing this lovely sweater and one of my favorite thrift store finds, this cute wool skirt. Warm and comfortable but since there are all these textures and details, the embroideries and the corset belt to the skirt, I find the overall combination quite sophisticated!