All my style tips!

JANUARY 22, 2017

The idea here is to kind of analyse what I like to do when composing and outfit and buying clothes and give you some of my style tips. Of course I don't considering myself to be super stylish, and I hesitated quite a lot before writing this because I felt quite vain and pedantic giving you advice on how to dress. But I really wanted to share with you these ideas that, to my opinion, made my looks a lot more interesting and made me feel better about how I look in clothes. I also wanted to explain about my "philosophy" regarding fast fashion and trends, and also share a bit of my own journey with style. I do hope you will find this interesting and maybe pick a few ideas!

Frozen saints

JANUARY 16, 2017

I'm so happy that I'm finally able to blog again! January is always such a busy month, with exams and essays to write... Now I can hopefully get more time (and better weather as well) to shoot our looks. For this outfit, yes, what you can see on the ground is actually a thin layer of snow. It was -2°C and the stubborn girl posing in the pictures really thought that the whole outfit looked way better without tights and that the dress short sleeve couldn't show with a cardigan. Luckily enough, I can stand the cold quite well and we did take the pictures quickly. What wouldn't I do in the pursue of nice looking pictures hey. Anyway, this dress is one of my crushes of the season, and I decided to complement the look using different textures of leather (soft, suede, woven) in the same colors from the beads on the dress. I think that paying attention to these kind of details in an outfit can really make it a lot more interesting and coordinated! I also really like the modern asymmetrical hem. I do hope you will like it, imagine I had tights on!

2016 story

JANUARY 02, 2017

Hello girls! I hope you all had a wonderful time for Christmas with family and friends! Iwish you a very happy and successful 2017, with lots of joys, opportunities and fun moments! I had an amazing time, I had delicious meals and got completely spoiled (best family moment: my talented Grandma teaching me how to knit a special stitch!) and I was very happy that all went so well. Now,  I wanted to rewind and see what happened this last year for me and of course to look back at my and yours favorite posts!