NOVEMBER 24, 2016 

I can't believe I still have pictures from Paris to show you! Well, if you've read my latest DIY post, you may know why I've been away for a little while... Anyway, I'm so happy to finally show you that outfit that is to me one of the coolest and most comfortable I've ever been wearing for that trip. I am obsessed with jumpsuits at the moment, especially when travelling! I've paired it with high heels for a sleeker silhouette and a belt to define the waist. I also was wearing this amazing bucket bag, the texture of the woven leather is so unique! And you girls, have you any tips for wearing a jumpsuit? :)

DIY choker necklace

NOVEMBER 21, 2016 

I  hope you guys are all doing very well! I haven't been posting a lot lately... If you do follow me on social medias, you may know that beside having a lot of work, I caught a flu last week and spent the whole time sick in bed. I also had some thoughts about my blog, I was feeling demotivated, although I still had crazy inspiration. I had the feeling that our work here wasn't inspiring enough, that it had no value and that we got invisible and lost in the huge world of blogging... But even if we may seem that way, I felt that I loved blogging so much that I didn't care about being useful or not. The truth is, I miss it a lot. I love capturing these moments, I love composing outfits, I love creating unique DIYs for you guys, or just for me. That's part of my life, of our lives and if we can inspiring you just a little, then we are happy over the moon! 

So I am happy to come back with this new DIY: a choker, that easy, casual but a little sexy piece that remind me a little of Marie Antoinette's neck ribbons. I've seen a few of them in stores, but my neck is incredibly tiny and they are always way too big. Follow the steps to make your own!