SEPTEMBER 26, 2016 

A quick and easy outfit for a casual outing, going delicatessen and grocery shopping! I like to bring some fun and details into my everyday looks, and that mini beaded bag is just perfect. it carries just what's needed when doing one of my favorite things. I really enjoy goig to delicatessen shops and at the farmer's market. This is where I always go first when visiting a foreign country, it's the perfect place to experiment some delicious streetfood in a very special atomsphere. But in my hometown, I rather focus on satisfying my taste for delicious products ^^  


SEPTEMBER 22, 2016 

I hope you all are doing very well now that fall has officially started! I have already caught a cold, pupils sneezing and coughing right in your face couldn't do much good and it's kind of a normal thing with young teachers, we get to catch all viruses on the first year! Anyway, I hope this will pass soon as I have tons of work to do...
Two weeks ago, Maxime and I went for a little getaway in Basel. Museum, strolling around and photo shooting in the streets, we had a lovely time and discovered places we didn't know about, such as the wonderful botanical garden. I was wearing this pretty pink dress in this very interesting fabric which is quit thick, some casual lace up sandals and my favorite Russian shawl. What do you think ? ^^


SEPTEMBER 10, 2016 

Ah, Paris... I miss this place even more now that I got back to work. I spent the weekend preparing lessons for my pupils (and shopping online to let the steam off... two pairs of shoes. woops.), remembering the holidays. The Palais de Tokyo is one of my favorite spots there, this great art deco building is breathtaking! We took the time to shoot this look I was wearing. Yes, this is more of an evening dress than a casual summer day outfit! But I feel like black embroidered clothes embellished with sequins shouldn't be only for a night out, I love to wear my favorite pieces whenever I like (And I rarely go out at night :p). Although, I follow a few rules when doing so: keep away from jewels, fancy accessories and from party shoes, and rather go for simple tote or bucket bags and casual sandals. This tones down fancy dresses a lot and makes it a lot more day-appropriate. If you like sneakers and backpacks, these are a nice choice as well! What do you think, would you also dare to wear party items in daytime? ^^

DIY rope & coral bracelet

SEPTEMBER 08, 2016 

I hope you’re all doing well! This week has been my first as a teacher, and I can tell you, I am exhausted. I go to bed at 9.30 pm and I spend all my free time preparing my lessons, I feel like I would need an entire week now to rest from these few stressful days… All my “baby teachers colleagues” tell the same, I guess it’s normal when you start working with pupils!
It’s been a while since the latest DIY post! I  made this one especially to make something out of these beautiful coral beads I bought at the market ;) I hope you will like it!

Summer outfits 2016

SEPTEMBER 02, 2016 

There it is, September, back to school and falling leaves... and of course the summer look recap, just to make these holidays last a little longer! As always, my summer outfit tend to get simpler than the rest of the year, since I tend to wear less pieces and travel lighter ;) Anyways, I do hope you've liked these outfits! Which one did you like the most? ^^