Sweet fish & greens

MAY 30, 2016 

A little cook post while revising hard for my exams this week! This new recipe mixes three things I'm obsessed with right now: Fennel, steam cooking and fish! I wanted to refresh my traditional family recipes and make it more summery, using lots of greens. You may remember this recipe I got from my Mum (here!), fish in sweet olive oil that is perfect for children or even adults who have a hard time eating seafood! The technique is basically the same but I wanted to make a little update and try to associate it with various veggies. I hope you will like this! :)

DIY: Off shoulders lace top

MAY 12, 2016 

I've got some good news! :D As you may know, I've just passed the first part of the teacher's competitive exam and i've been selected to pass the second part, which means I'm not very far from this awesome job! :D Lots of work and revisions are ahead which is quite stressful but I feel already happy that I've managed this first part :)
Now on to the DIY: Off shoulders tops are quite successful this season, and you can see why! They are so feminine and elegant, easy to wear and perfect for summer evenings! So, I've found it could be fun to try and make it one by myself. It's actually quite easy and not much stuff is required. Follow the steps to sew your own!

Cat eyes

MAY 05, 2016 

ralph lauren sunglasses

In one week from now, I will get to know if I did succesfully pass the first part of the teacher's exam... pressure is getting higher and higher, but luckily great weather and a few hours out to soak up some sun and breathe some fresh air are making it a little easier! Speaking of sunny days, one of the most needed accessories would definitely be sunglasses! With my quite funny, chubby cheeked face, I always have a lot of difficulties to find the right pair. I finally got a huge crush on these beautiful Ralph Lauren cat eyes found on Easylunettes.fr! I think these are so original and elegant <3 The site has amazing choice and I've already put two more pairs on my wishlist!