Happy fringe

APRIL 28, 2016 

I first wanted to thank you for your sweet comments about the exams I recently took and our last pictures, it helped us get more motivated! You guys are amazing <3 Now on to the look: I must say this look was quite experimental as it combines unusual pièces of different styles but what would be fashion if we couldn't have a little fun with it, otherwise we would most likely all still be wearing togas! I quite like the result, I was pairing this cute and fun skirt with this gorgeous sweater, accessorizing with this amazing statement necklace from Happiness Boutique. If you're a unique pièces enthusiast like I am, you definitely should have a look at their collection! This is the kind of jewel that gives a special dimension to any outfit, from the simplest to the most original one :)

Snow five

APRIL 24, 2016 

Ah, snow... Now that Spring has started and that we see delicate flowers all over the trees, these pictures of a five o'clock / sketching / picture taking time staying warmin that Russian-inspired coat I got as agift for Christmas a few years ago seem a bit anachronic but as you may know, I've been awully busy and stressed with my schoolteacher competitive exam. This week, I had to take two 4h-tests in French and Maths and to be honest, I'm not quite sure I did well enough to make it to the next tests. I will get the results in a month from now, and as I still have no idea whether I am to take the oral exams or not, I still have to revise and work hard for it. This is an awkward an stressful situation. Anyway, We are now able to take some more pictures outside as the weather has cleared a bit so stay tuned for some spring looks and DIYs ! :)

March-April 2016 outfits

APRIL 10, 2016 
Hum. I should rather say: January to April outfits. This is actually the first time in 3 years that I've posted so little, thanks to terrible weather on weekends when we were supposed to take pics outside and of course due to the upcoming teachers competitive exams. Only a few days left until the big day. I'm going through phases of total panic and phases of self depreciation inbetween phases of motivation and hard work. *weird*. Needless to say I'd rather be back in Morocco right now! And you where would you rather be now and which of my latest outfits did you like the most? ^^