FEBRUARY 14, 2016

Last series from Marrakech! We went to the souks and to visit the Medersa Ben Youssef before dining at "Le Jardin". The atmosphere in the souks is really different and special, we quite liked it although we got completely lost and really had difficulties to find that beautiful place we actually went twice to the souks, the first time we were mostly into looking at the shops and visiting the House of photography. The Medersa is a former koranic school that displays amazing mosaics and sculptures, and definitely is a must see! I was also wearing the outfit I felt really comfortable in for this trip to Morrocco, just as the one I was wearing to Essaouira: a quite loose jumpsuit, a very large shawl, sandals and a small cross-body bag. As we were also going for a quite romantic outting and dining outside, this looks a little more sophisticated than my other holiday looks ^^ So, I hope you have liked our posts from beautiful Marrakech and Essaouira! Which one did you like the most? <3


FEBRUARY 09, 2016

When we went to Marrakech, we decided to go on a little excursion to the Atlantic coast, to Essaouira! Many riads and touring agencies offer excursions to the Altlas mountain villages and other nearby destinations but their prices are really expensive, at least for us. So, we choosed a bus company attached to the national railway, Supratour. It was really inexpensive, punctual, clean and the travel was comfortable. It felt so good to see the ocean again! Unfortunately, it was too cold and too dangerous to swimm in but I dipped my toes in the waves! This day in Essaouira was pure bliss. Fish tajine for mid day lunch, fresh sea urchins on the harbour, gorgeous landscapes and pretty streets for the menu, lovely people to meet and curious visions (camel on the beach. yep.) We loved it and would definitely recommend you to pop in and see the old "Mogador"!