MARCH 25, 2016

I'm sorry for not posting a lot these past weeks, I'm actually really busy for the upcomming teacher's competitive exam that are one month away from now... I'm feeling scared and a little overwhelmed by all the things I need to revise, I hope everything will be fine! I am also glad that I validated my Master 2'd first semester! Yay!
We haven't had a lot of snow this winter in Alsace, although we were still able to play around in the Vosges moutains, near the Mount Sainte Odile! Thermo undergarment and thick hat where an absolute must-have ^^ I was wearing an all-black outfit, but I liked to add a lot of textures: crepe, leather, wool, faux fur, embroideries, fringes, a necklace from Morocco... I think it's a really useful tip to make all that black interesting :)