Spinach & cheese pasta

DECEMBER 28, 2015

Spinach parmesan goat cheese pasta

We are in Morocco! Marrakech actually for a little vacation in the sun. Follow us on Instagram to see our visits ^^

As a student, I am a huge pasta consumer! Easy, quick to make and easy to cook with a wide variety of toppings, sometimes healthy or sometimes very rich. I am always looking for something new to put with my favorite pasta! I try different ingredients, I search the cupboards... This time, I brought spinach together with myself. I hope you will enjoy this recipe!

Instagoodies #15

DECEMBER 21, 2015

It's been a while since the latest Instagram recap! I also wanted to thank you so much, those who are following and supporting me! This means a lot to me to see that you enjoy my little flatlay pictures and the looks Maxime photographs. You are now over 1350 on my IG and it's amazing! I know that for many, this is not much, but I thank every single one of you for the time you take to comment and the love you give to our "work"! SO, THANK YOU! I hope you are all having a lovely Christmas time <3

How I stay motivated!

DECEMBER 17, 2015

I am right now sick in bed, my voice sounds like an asthmatic frog and I can hardly stand on my feet. Luckily enough, I wrote this article before I took ill, as it took me time to figure out all I wanted to tell! I'm writing this article part as a personal talk and part as tips for you girls! As you guys may know, I am a (happy) student! I am in a second master year, which means working on a master thesis aside of the regular exams, but also preparing a competitive exam that can be taken only once a year, which means that failure can't be an option... This blog also demands a lot of work and not to mention that I like my home to be nice and clean, all of these occupations can easily get me pretty tired, both physically and mentally. People express pressure and stress by different ways. Some will gain or loose weight, some will keep smoking cigarettes, some won't be able to sleep at night. I am quite nervous and since I started this university year, pressure has made my sleep really bad. I also started loosing a lot of hair; They were so damaged and thin that I had them cut just under my shoulders two days ago...I still have a lot on you might say (and a lot of volumizer!), but as a woman, "effluvium telogen" caused by stress can also be a source of anxiety. So here are my tips on how to lower pressure, how to stay healthy and how to keep motivated! 

Party hairstyle: messy chignon

DECEMBER 14, 2015

I am definitely clumsy when it comes to styling my hair! I have quite thin hair wiith lots of baby new hairs, and I don't want to over style it or use crazy products on it, but I still want to do some nice hairstyle for the upcoming holidays! I went for a messy bun that just fits my natural hair nature ^^ Keep scrolling and follow the steps ^^

DIY Christmas Advent Wreath

DECEMBER 11, 2015

DIY christmas advent wreath

This year, I teamed up with Westwing  to present you a Christmas DIY to brighten up your home!
This is actually one of the biggest family traditions, along with baking Christmas cakes, "Bredalas", and decorating the tree: Making Christmas Advent wreathes with my Mum! This tradition is quite huge here in Alsace, probably because of our closeness with German culture that is the origin of it. 
On a chilly afternoon, we would sit on the carpet with our branches, put on some music or a good film on, and make several of these for all the family! So keep scrolling to discover the super easy steps to make your own at home!

French meets British

DECEMBER 09, 2015

Today, I am wearing a mix of my favorite French brands and a very new one from Great Britain, Boden! I completely fell for their clothes and accessories, they have this London vibe that get everything definitely looking cool and stylish. Their website offers top quality basics (I wish you could feel how comfortable and soft this t-shirt is!) but also super fun trendy shoes and some amazing 60's inspired dresses! I wanted to style this outfit with a chic and elegant yet relaxed feel that reminds me of both countries, I hope you'll like it! 

How to wear a scarf

DECEMBER 05, 2015

With less than 10°C outside, scarves are definitely a must-have! When it's just for your average day at work or to keep your shoulders warm while wearing a bustier party dress like this one, scarves are practical just as well as beautiful. This gorgeous printed one comes from a shop I love, Princesse foulard. So keep reading to see a few ways of wearing your silk!