Summer tradition

JULY 23, 2015

The jumpsuit (almost) everyone wants! Since I bought it, I can see people wearing it everyday on Instagram, and I love seeing various styles and ways to wearing the exact same piece, each blogger injecting their personal touch in a piece that's just perfection for summertime :) I used it as a beach cover up as I was wearing a bandeau swimsuit that day! And guess what... I'm not in an exotic place, but still in my old Strasbourg near a lake that has been our savior since the heat has decided to settle here! One of my favorite holiday occupations is to write what I visited in a small notebook and collect things like plants, cards, tickets and illustrate with quite naive little drawings about the fun moments, that makes a really fun souvenir! It's an old habit I've had since my parents had us do this on holidays when we were kids ;) And you, have you any summer tradition like this? :)

Instagoodies #12

JULY 17, 2015

I can't wait to go on holiday! I'm leaving for the Loire in ten days before heading to Paris, I'm so excited! Although I hope the heat would calm down ;)You girls will definitely see plenty of pictures of our two stays and of course a lot of outfits ;) I like my activities on holiday to be as various as possible: cultural visits, gastronomy, strolls and wanders through nature or cities, relaxing times near a water spot and shopping at the local markets! I'm rarely staying at hotels, we like to stay at guesthouses to meet people and have our own kitchen (that's the main point!). What do you like to do/stay when you go on holiday? 
I hope you'll like my recent Instagram feed, I became quite a #flatlay enthusiast ^^! Don't hesitate to give me your advice, impressions, critics, or ideas about my feed <3!

We're out tonight

JULY 09, 2015

Let's all breathe! Finally, it got waaay cooler in France so that we may point our nose outside without melting like an icecream! I enjoyed so much when it started raining, the light was gorgeous and it was like one of these moments you'd like to watch for hours :)
This is the party look as was wearing on our last outting (okay, I dropped that jacket almost as I stepped out), it's been quite a while since I've worn these sculptural heels! Do you sometimes kind of rediscover what's in you closet?

3, rue de l' Epine

JULY 05, 2015

I hope you are surviving this heat! Or that you live in a cooler area. In France, we reached over 40°C - hell. It's been quite frustrating as this weather is due to last a least 10 days and staying home surrounded by ice buckets and doing nothing else but reading, eating, checking social medias 20 times a day is starting to bore me to death. Well, I'm still happy that we finally took the time to shoot some pictures in front of that gorgeous door (we still come across some treasures in Strasbourg!), especially another look wearing these beyond amazing sandals, these are to die for!
Anyways, I've got some pretty good news, I validated my first Master's year at university! It's awesome, this means starting working on my thesis focusing on language learning in bilingual children :)