All black

JANUARY 11, 2015

Tomorrow, I will be doing my second internship in a school! I am super excited and happy about that, this is always so interesting, I learn so many new things about teaching and I can finally tell what this job is really about! Today, during the March, I was very impressed and got emotional about kids showing hope. I really believe in educating, explaining about values and respect, especially when it comes to religious beliefs!
No link but this is the time to show you a new accessory I'm obsessed with: Ear accessory! It's that very small piece to attach to your ear and I know this is not new but still, I find it quite cool ;) Do you like this type of jewel?

Instagoodies #8

JANUARY 09, 2015

New recap from my latest Instagram posts. I originally planned it for yesterday, but as you may know, this wasn't the right moment. I feels like this isn't still the time for this, but stopping doing anything won't fight violence. I won't talk about this here , I think pretty much everything has already been said. I also didn't talk about it on socials, nor did I repost pictures on IG. This doesn't mean I don't care. I just can't find the way to express things and a single hashtag or picture doesn't help me to do so, I hope you understand. I do believe in acting for changes by educating and not judging. I hope all this won't be useless and that people will keep rising against ignorance, enjoying life and celebrating every moment.