Les Mocassins

NOVEMBER 29, 2015

I am a huuuge fan of heels! Even being 5'10", I am always walking in them, no matter what people think! I feel so much more confident and feminine, my walk is more confident! So when Question Look approached me to take up a style challenge and told me that I would have to come up with a "chic in flats" outfit, my first reaction was more of a "whaaaat?!" before realizing I had these loafers somewhere in my shoe rack. And to go a little bit further, I decided to wear high-waisted jeans with these as I'm always wearing dresses and skirts. So, what do you think, did I manage it? ^^

Tarte au potiron

NOVEMBER 23, 2015

This recipe is on of my dad's favorite! Probably because this was one of the only ways he could make us adore vegetables rather than have us cry over our plates. Don't worry, as a grown up I like my greens and squashes! But I still love the sweetness of the "potiron" that makes is delicious for picky children. I hope you will enjoy this fall recipe!

Retro Fuscra

NOVEMBER 20, 2015

Second outfit with Fuscra! This time, we wanted to play on the retro side of this gorgeous wooden bag. I decided to go for a more glamorous look with trench and textured heels. So, which look, the modern or the retro, did you like the best? ^^

Modern Fuscra

NOVEMBER 17, 2015

It feels extremely difficult to carry on everyday's life normally after the recent events in France. I felt so worry for my friends and my brother who live there. I still am worried something may happen again. Posting about clothing may seem completely futile right now. But living and keep doing things we like doesn't mean we are forgetting what happened. My heart goes to all the people who were victims of barbarism, last Friday in Paris but also in Lebanon recently. I want to keep showing the freedom of expressing myself on the Internet. Dressed as I like. Smiling as I like. Presenting creative people I meet and work with I my "real life", teaching children. Studying. Having fun. 

Doing so, I am more than thrilled to present you Fuscra. I recently discovered this amazing Italian bags brand by chance on Etsy, and I fell completely in love with the concept and the unique high-quality designs. This stunning bag is made of... wood! Morena, the lovely designer, was inspired by her love for natural environment. She also loves 60's fashion, and all of these interest were brought in this pretty wooden clutch with this retro handle. The material is so soft, looking at the same time quite modern and minimalist but also really feminine and elegant. As you may know, I am obsessed with mixing textures in an outfit. To my opinion, this give dimension and interest even to a minimal/ neutral palette! This eco-friendly purse is everything I like, added to leather, embroideries and wool . This time, we wanted to bring out this modern side, stay tuned for my more retro-inspired look wearing Nature!

A bicyclette

NOVEMBER 12, 2015

With such nice temperatures, I could spend all of November without tights! This outfit was kind of formal, we went to a restaurant outing with family. I am very happy about this Comptoir des Cotonniers skirt I found in a thrift shop. It's pure silk and so soft! With these pretty heels that were on sale and this amazing bag I also bought from a friend, I can tell you I am more than thrilled for this look that probably cost me half less than the regular price. Yep, good clothes that are cheap can make a girl really enthusiastic ^^

Fall makeup & beauty

NOVEMBER 09, 2015

Fall season is definitely settled in Strasbourg! This makes me want to twist my makeup and adapt my beauty routine, as the sheer face cream from last summer are not rich enough to prevent me from looking like a crocodile once I step outside! So here are the few products I added to my routine and the new in stuff I treated myself with ! :)

September - October 2015 outfits

NOVEMBER 01, 2015

I am sorry for not posting these pas few days! I was simply taking a little break and also working a lot on my "mémoire" as I am on holidays, I needed to relax a bit and reorganize stuff to keep both university and blogging going together! I still hope you have enjoyed my latest outfits and post, I have a lot coming up if the gloomy weather would clear up! In Strasbourg, we have the perfect Halloween atmosphere: fog/ damp and colorful leaves! I am probably one of the rare crazy people who are still so enthusiast about this weather (probably because this announces my forthcoming birthday ^^)!