Zucchini, parmesan and hazelnut soup

APRIL 28, 2015

I'm back sith a little recipe! It's extremely easy to make and perfect to change from classic soups! We had it yesterdray with these kind of salted cookies rather than croutons. Let me know if you try this dish!


APRIL 20, 2015

I'm really excited about this new dress! The color and lace details are just what I wanted for spring, but I got a little annoyed by the bustier top! I'm not used to that kind of dress, mostly because even with a quite good bra size... This will always make it look flat, if you know what I mean! Even more because to hold in place, it has to be quite tight. Haha, girls problems. If you have any great lingerie solution or idea to fix this issue, please shout out in the comments! Anyways, I paired this dress in a quite classic way: with an oversized blazer and ankle boots to balance the glamourous side, but with as always textures like suède, beads and leather panels ;) 

What's in my bag?

APRIL 16, 2015

Are you curious to see what's inside my bag? Head now over lovely Tiff's blog www.mabulledepensees to discover it all! 


APRIL 12, 2015

It's crazy how a pair of sunglasses can transform a look. First of all, it is always such a struggle for me to find the right pair, as my face seems not to handle most of the shapes. I often look really weird in sunglasses! I finally found this one that doesn't look too odd on me, and I noticed that it instantely made me look kind of posh! Well, I was also quite annoyed by some bypassers that obviously had not seen any miniskirt in months. This is my question to you bloggers: How do you manage people watching and commenting on your outside photoshootings? Even if pretending you don't care, your face says how furious you are... I hope you liked the look anyways!

Spring beauty news

APRIL 08, 2015

Spring is here, with its beautiful colors all over the city! We have lots of trees in blooms in Strasbourg, my favorite being magnolias! We spent hours taking pictures outside, Maxime is willing to improve his technique in photography :) Have you noticed? The pictures are a little different! Let's talk beauty now. Spring and hotter days means lighter, fresher, happier makeup, scroll down to see what I used to make this look!