Instagoodies #9

MARCH 26, 2015

It's been such a while since my latest Instagram recap! Well things have been really busy with my studies, but I hope you've enjoyed the latest looks! Some news, I happened to get a new hair color, actually getting back to my natural hair color as my scalp was so irritated and couldn't stand monthly dyes, I sadly had to remove the red and get back to brown... I'm kind of getting used to it now but I miss that red! You may see my new face possibly next week ;)


MARCH 09, 2015

Blogger's life: arriving late at an early evening party cause we wanted to shoot my outfit before the night falls :p I'm super happy to see Spring coming back! I just can't tell you how I was craving sunshine. i'm feeling euphoric and all enthusiast about things now, fashion inspiration got back and I have plenty of looks to show you guys! <3 

Floral & Animal

MARCH 01, 2015

Finally, the weather cleared out for only a few hours yesterday, so we rushed out to take some pictures! I wore this outfit on an evening party at the restaurant, featuring one of my favorite textures combo: leather/beads/animal print. Always works! You guys may also have noticed that I've cut 10cm from my hair, which I deeply regret... As this wasn't a real choice. They got so damaged and thin probably due to stress and the ends looked like nothing. So I took the heartbreaking decision to chop it of. I miss my long hair so much and hope to get the length back quite fast, I'm taking extra care of it!