Beyond Retro

OCTOBER 31, 2014

When I went to Stockholm (this is going to be my only subject for conversation for the two following weeks :p), I was very lucky to stay in a very nice and comfy hotel right next to the house of heaven, I mean the vintage shop "Beyond Retro". It was just like paradise! There were so many rooms filled with beautiful vintage clothes and accessories. Sadly I hadn't that much time to see everything, as it was really big and as we had to go to our blogger lunch. This amazing dress caught my eyes at once. How perfect is it? <3 

Instagoodies #6

OCTOBER 28, 2014

Ah, Instagram, my glamour shot between two classes, my sweet escape from student life! I just enjoy seeing my favorite models and bloggers daily style, or appreciate a lovely sunset picture while it's eight a.m. in France... I decided not to post too much random pictures on a daily basis, mostly because I don't have much time but also because I'm pretty bad at selfies and I'm afraid not many of you would be interested in photos of my maths exercises ;) I hope you enjoy my outfits, cuisine, haul, makeup or drawing pics I post everyday! Follow @cecilejmaxce here <3


OCTOBER 26, 2014

I'm on holiday! Well, almost. As I have two very important exams next week, I wouldn't exactly say that this is going to be relaxing. It's my birthday on next Sunday, so my mum and I will spend a few relaxing hours at the spa and I have planned to change my look a little bit by going to the hairstylist. I will get a darker color, more like my original chocolate brown shade but quite lighter and do some highlights. Think Olivia Wilde or Miranda Kerr ^^ We'll see what is gonna happen! 

Have you ever felt so nervous about your hair? I mean, cutting, dying or even trying some other style? It feels like completely transforming you! I actually really need a new dye. My "old" reddish shade is looking a bit dull and even has some green in it! I do hope getting back to brown will not make me look sad or even duller :p What do you think? Do you like my actual hair color or would you say a darker shade would also suit me? 


OCTOBER 12, 2014

I hope you guys enjoyed the skin care series from this week, I was very enthusiast about sharing these recipes that, I must say, changed my life ^^ I am taking exams again these two upcoming weeks, I can tell you I don't feel exactly well and comfortable in my own skin and brain right now...
Today, I am glad to introduce you to a lovely clothing and accessories brand, Danity. Affordable and cute clothes? I'm always for it! I completely fell for their rompers and jumpsuits, they're practical and very stylish, I like accessorizing them with fun or graphic belts, they are a modern and more laid back take on little black dresses, especially for more relaxed events like a diner out with friends! I also got a crush for their geometric/ethnic printed sweaters, I am right now obsessed with chunky sweaters and I would gladly get a few of Danity's! 

Let's talk skin care: Face / no more acne!

This is the last skin care article from the series! The way I take care of my face, neck and chest is a little different from the rest of my body, the skin is a bit sensitive and I've had quite a few breakouts, which are happily behind me now ;) So here is my routine with a few "rules" I must apply to avoid problems, still unsponsorised!

Let's talk skin care: Hands

Now that I told you my tips for a super soft body, time to show you what I do for my hands, with some classical tips but also an amazing discovery, still unsponsored! Nice clean hands and especially cared nails are quite important. Who would like to shake hands with someone with hard, dry skin and dirty nails? I've been told that they are a good indication of one's hygiene for job interviewers ;)  And only a few minutes are required to get princess hands!

Let's talk skin care: Body

I've been completely obsessed recently with soft skin, I've no idea why this is so important to me! After a whole month of trying a new routine, I am perfectly happy with the result, my body's skin has never been as smooth and glowing as it is now, it's almost unreal! So I decided to show you my routine for super silky soft body, hands and face! Stay tuned this week for the three articles, which are completely free of any sponsoring and quite natural-oriented ;)