Never say never

I usually never wear my hair up, which is kind of funny when I think back to the shy teenager who couldn't even try to wear her hair down. I've been quite in the mood for small changes lately, from my shampoo to my meals. It all started the day I painted my nails baby blue. I normally wear cream or transparent nail polish, rarely red and coral, but I wanted to give it a try. Another new thing is my blazer jacket. I never used to wear blazer, I thought they were uncomfortable, it's impossible to move the shoulders and raise the arms, you're like in some kind of corset and I've always disliked this feeling! But actually, I've changed my mind when I tried on this one, it's light and has two crossing panels on the back which means I can go in crazy moves and still be comfy ;)

No hesitation

I hesitated quite a loooong time. Just after seeing the price on the label, you'll understand why! I had exactly the same attitude a few years back, when I went at least 5 times to the shop with various people to try this skirt, but I finally thought that I would probably never find such a pretty one, and I still totally love it. And here I was, coming home with my new shirt, and so far I have no regret! It's perfect with a simple pair of jeans as well as on a feminine skirt :) I am wondering how many times I will have to go to the shop whenever I would have decided to get me a designer bag with my first pay (my quote of the moment: "With my first salary, I would get a bag/ a 3*** meal at the restaurant/ a trip to Greece/ this awesome table I'm literally dying for/ etc." And I would eat pasta only without sauce for the following month.)! 

Handful of wishes

Time to get shorts out! Now that the temperatures have rose a little bit, I'm super happy to wear these as the good alternative to the skirts I'm usually wearing, especially because I literally live on my bicycle and let's be honest, skirt + bike + wind can be so embarrassing! So during my day, I love wearing coton or denim shorts with a flowy blouse and colorful sandals, but for the evenings I have a few pairs in silk or embroidered versions, they are comfy and still elegant!

Instagoodies #4

Finally! I woke up this morning with a gorgeous blue sky and the sing of birds, instead of the gloomy cloudy view we've had since a few days :) There's nothing I like better than having breakfast in summertime on the terrace (aways better with the sea nearby but in Alsace, that would be quite hard, although we have seagulls because of the Rhine!). Right now I'm obsessed with Greece and Italy, I would totally love having my breakfast there! <3