Obi & Budapest

I've been confronted to a terrible lack of inspiration lately, this happens sometimes! I had no idea why but my wardrobe gave me an impression of being boring, nothing seemed to please me when I was shopping... And suddenly, two days back, I got dozens of ideas for my outfits, this look for instance, I wore it for a restaurant-cinema evening, by the way I went to watch "The Grand Budapest Hotel", it's absolute genius! I got obsessed with these kind of "obi" belts, very practical at the restaurant, I was loosening it while swallowing my delicious pizza ;). I also got a few new ideas my future videos! Be patient, the FAQ is coming up an you can still ask your questions ^^ I can't wait to film and take pictures of all of it! 

Instagoodies #3

Last week at university and very busy weekend, learning and working on these lessons I will very soon get rid of! I wanted to do a little Instagram pictures article here on the blog, as some of you have been complaining that they didn't have it, I hope you'll enjoy! ;)