Instagoodies #5

It's been a wile since I did this type of article! But this morning, I had the amazing surprise to see my Facebook page reach 2000 followers! I wanted to thank you all so much for your support and comments either on the medias or on the blog! We started Maxce only 1 year and a half ago and we are so happy blog together! So I'm sending you 2000 kisses and sharing a few of the pictures I uploaded these pas few months on Instagram! <3

Cela fait un bon moment que je n'ai pas fait ce genre d'article! Mais ce matin, j'ai eu la bonne surprise de voir notre page Facebook atteindre 2000 abonnés! Je voulais vous remercier pour votre soutient, tous vos commentaires autant sur les réseaux que sous les articles! Nous avons commencé Maxce il y a seulement un an et demi et ça nous fait toujours autant plaisir de bloguer! Alors nous vous envoyons 2000 bisous, voici quelques unes de photos partagées ces derniers mois sur Instagram! <3

Our favorite restaurant in Strasbourg, "Cokoon", this girl chef is 
incredibly talented!

Marilyn moment with my favorite shirt!

Home decoration in our living room

Dish for my mum: roasted polenta, gambas, carrots and lemon sauce, 
let me know if you'd like the recipe ^^

My summer makeup kit by Benefit (I actually like their kits to try the 
small size products before getting the full size ones!)

One of my favorite looks for summer brunches!

Risotto with morels - I actually had nothing left in the fridge that day 
apart from some cheese! Luxury student life ^^

Maxime and I at the Saint Tropez party by "Les Webavardes", picture
 by Martine "The favorite"

We got this antique typewriter for only $10! It was all dirty but
 Maxime managed to clean it and make it work again! My rings 
are from Promod, I love the boho cristal :)

I was lucky to be chosen as the face of "Black Zebra" 2015 collection,
 this picture was taken on set! I love this crazy makeup and hair, it was
 hard but we had so much fun!

Girl's night out getting ready with my staple makeup products!

I never approached a peacock so near!

I have a thing for gold circle jewels, right?

Sunday morning at 7:30. Get motivated to blog!

My new designer crush, Klaus Haapaniemi from Finland <3

Feels like seaside? It's actually a lake near Strasbourg ^^

 Kookai boots on sale for $50 at San Marina,
and Maxime's vintage camera!

My latest purchase came this morning: this stunning Zara crossbody bag!

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  1. J'adore te suivre sur IG, tu as de superbes photos !
    Biz Jeny

    Concours sur le blog * *

  2. Such interesting pictures! You have an interesting feed!
    Love Nilu Yuleena,
    BIG hair LOUD mouth BLOG
    BIG hair LOUD mouth FACEBOOK page

  3. Cet article est sympa. Félicitations pour les 2000 abonnés !
    Je comprend ta motivation à te lever à 7h pour prendre des photos.. mais là où tu as de la chance, c'est que ton homme le fait aussi :)
    Tu es magnifique pour Black Zebra :)

  4. J'aime beaucoup ce type d'article ! J'ai vécu en Alsace mais je ne connaissais pas ce lac !


  5. très jolies photos, surtout celle ou tu es en maillot!

  6. j'aime bien ce genre de post
    toutes ces photos sont bien sympa
    gros gros bisous

  7. Your life is so colorful and wonderful, envy you so much.


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